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    freedive photography of large marine mammals and pelagic's, training to become certified freediving and vinyasa yoga instructors

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About Me

Freediving is my passion... Is it yours?

I'm a documentary, street and underwater photographer, cand PFI Certified Intermediate Freediver and training to become a freedive instructor through Performance Freediving.

I have over 30 year's experience as a professional photographer & multimedia journalist working in diverse genre’s as photojournalism, editorial, portraiture and producing documentary and small business profile videos for clients such as Ford Motor Company, American Express, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Oregonian Media Group, Yelp, Zillow which are but a partial list of past and current clients.

My history and experience in freediving:

I was the first to create an online specific informational website called Freediving-mag.com which was the first online freediving specific website of its kind on the internet back in December of 1998.  I was approached by publisher Stephan Whelan of Deeperblue.com to integrate my writings and became the founding Freediving editor for the website. I initially received my freediving education from what resources were available at the time off the internet and eventually trained with Kirk Krack, the founder of Performance Freediving International where I earned my Level 2 freediver certification. I continued to expand my knowledge and training with world renowned freediving trainer Aharon Solomons and former freediving world champion Francisco "Pipin" Ferreras where I received my first freedive instructor certification with the now defunct IAFD.

Among other things, I'm a Certified Master Recycler, which has transformed my way of doing business and living my life. Combined with a love of nature - specifically the aquatic realm, saving the planet and visually documenting mine and others experiences from those adventures and you have a perfect formula for creating a brand that is based not only on service, but unique and memorable experiences.

I live and train in the Pacific Northwest.

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