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  1. The latest news is that they printe the Oldenburg article, but now I and waiting for the money for the last 5 months. I have writen to them 7 times and every time there is a new excuse. My contact is Lars Brinkmann at the Unterwasser.de Das tauchmagazin.
  2. I gav them a dive article in 2015 about Oldenburg wreck in Norway, which as far as "I known" they have not yet put in the magazin and they don´t want to pay up front. So each quarter I write to them and the every time the reply is the same in 2 months. Could be great if I could pay there subscription the same way. From now on I will write the reply in this tread to pressure them.
  3. Thanks, It is from 43m to 60m. It is not the visibility but the weather that determines whether you can dive, it is around 80mil out from land so you need good condition. We where there in august the water temperature was 8 down and 17 on deco
  4. Battle of Jutland in 1916 is the world’s largest naval battle in modern time, 249 ships took part in the battle that lasted for 2 days. 25 ships sank and 8500 people died during the battle. We dive the wreck SMS Frauenlob, SMS Lützow, HMS Queen Mary, HMS Defence, HMS Invincible. See a lot more on my homepagde ;-)
  5. Hi I am René B. Andersen from Denmark, rebreather tech diver with a Nikon D7000 and is in to deep wreck pictures.
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