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  1. yer, my dive buddy was running low on air so left before i could have used him in the shot. thanks for the advice thou.
  2. a couple of shot s i took on the bow of the HMAS swan in dunsbourough western australia at 20m. iso 100 1/90 f4.0 iso 100 1/90 f6.7 how can i fix these shots?? should i have probably used some strobe to light the foreground??
  3. after reading the posts on camera settings for sunbursts i thought i'd give it a go on the weekend. How can i improve such shots?? f11 1/250 iso100
  4. cheers guys, your help is most appreciated. by the way i use a canon D60 in a sea&sea housing with DS-125 strobes.
  5. hi ya all, just wanted some opinions as to purchasing the manual controllers for the DS-125 strobes, which allows 10 power settings. does anyone use them and if so what percentege of the time? or is the 4 power settings on the DS strobes enough to fill lighting requirements for macro and wide angle. cheers jav777
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