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  1. 1239 lb Tiger in Bahamas, smaller shark killed by spearos in FL
  2. Drew, My main mistake was not securing the Wakatobi agent's cell phone number before arriving. Good job removing the chalk, BradDB! Terence
  3. Same thing happened to me in 2006- I arrived at Bali 30ish hours door to door from Nashville. When I looked in the Arrival hall after gathering my bags from the carousel, I did not see any tour rep holding a Wakatobi sign with my name mispelled in magic marker. I only saw a pair of Customs officers smiling at my Pelican case, which had been conspicuously marked with a big "X" with chalk. It only took me an hour of kabuki theater to barter them down from 1650 USD import bond, to 150 USD, coincidentally most of the contents of my wallet. While I was enjoying Wakatobi, the tour rep whose failure to meet me was the proximate cause of this incident researched the situation. I was essentially guilty of entry without a ground agent. When the Indonesian Customs found that not to be the case, quick refund, no questions asked. If I had not had a ground agent , they wanted me to check the camera gear into Singapore Air, talk my way past the guards into the arrival hall, and sincerely tell them the locked bags in Singapore Air's possession contained the camera gear <g>. Terence Fails
  4. I wish I'd read this before my trip to the Galapagos- lost my D200 and 12-24 on Day 4 after I caused my Aquatica dome to eject in 5 fsw. NOTE TO SELF- the neoprene dome cover is useless if you flood the camera. It can wait... I will experiment with an aluminum 'L' bracket attached to the housing bottom and velcroed to the back of the dome, and just go with duct tape or silicone self-sealing tape (thanks, loftus) on the macro port. I will also paint 'index' marks pointing 'up' on all ports / extensions. Big T
  5. Any news on a proposed ship date for the viewfinder? Big T
  6. Are there any revised estimates for delivery date?
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