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  1. Just posted a new guide to Raja Ampat Underwater (focused on staying at and diving from the homestays). It includes info on weather, dive conditions, how to get there, a chart on how to deal with marine hazards in a remote place, descriptions and a map of many of the dive sites throughout Raja - and a link to a new guide to the underwater creatures of Raja Ampat (it's starting small but will continue to grow and we are happy to include your submissions). Hope this is helpful to folks!!!


    Underwater Guide To Raja Ampat




    Sea Life Of Raja Ampat



  2. Hey George - Thanks for taking the time to check it out! My husband shot all the video for this one while I shot stills, so he gets the credit! :) He shot this originally at 4k with a Sony AX100 in a Gates housing. We lived in Ambon for about a month last winter and spent about 5 or 6 hours a day underwater. Happy to answer any other questions if you have them...

    All the best,


  3. Hey Everyone -


    My husband and I have spent the last few years mainly in Indonesia and after quite a few hours lost to the hassle of trying to book domestic plane tickets online on sites such as Traveloka and pay with foreign creed cards, we decided to write up a quick article about what we have found on the different travel websites and what solutions we have found. Hope this helps someone else or at least sparks a discussion on here to share ideas. :)




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  4. My husband and I have spent the last few years doing filming projects in Indonesia and spent a fair bit of time in Cenderawasih Bay, Papua. It seems like more and more people are headed to the area to dive/swim with the whale sharks but we have noticed that it is a nightmare to find good information online about Nabire and getting out to the whale sharks. We wrote up this guide on our blog to hopefully help others navigate Nabire (always an adventure!).


    It is an amazing place to spend time with whale sharks. Best of luck to any one headed there!





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  5. I've spent a fair bit of time in Cenderawasih Bay, in West Papua and my husband and I just finished a blog post with a comprehensive guide to swimming/diving with whale sharks in the Nabire area (we have always had a heck of a time finding any good info online about Nabire and the whale sharks and thought this might be useful to underwater photographers). We have always been on a strict budget so have included recommendations for other folks trying to do this as affordably as possible. Hope this helps!





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