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  1. Hi community..im looking to buy a canon 60mm macro fro my old canon 7d..and a macro port for an aquatica housing for the same camera.. Thanks.
  2. Hi tobyone..yes ill appreciate some pictures please..thanks!!!!...
  3. Hi there..im looking for a canon 60mm macro and an aquatica macro port for that lens...i have an aquatica A7d (canon 7d)..thanks
  4. Im looking to buy an aquatica #18731 item wich is the zoom gear for the tokina 10 17 with kenko teleplus pro 300 dgx 1.4 x teleconverter
  5. Hi..i wanna know if any of you knows which zoom gear i need for my tokina 10 17 with a kenko teleplus pro 300 dgx 1.4x teleconverter..i have an aquagica housing for a canon 7d..ive been looki g byt i couldnt find any info about that..thanks in advanced.
  6. Hi tim ..with the tokina 10 17mm fisheye (canon) ..in a minidome
  7. Thanks Chris..yeap better here..my bad..sorry!!
  8. Hi everyone im just lookin to buy a kenko 1.4x teleconverter..but i dont know wich will fit and work properly with my set up wich is a canon 7d in an aquatica housing with an 4" aquatica mini dome. I read theres 3.models i think Teleplus hd 1.4x dgx Teleplus hd pro 1.4 dgx Teleplus pro 300 dgx Anyone used this combination that can lead me buy the right one?..thanks !!!
  9. Hi guys ..merry christmas first of all... Hey Tim theres any real difference between the 2 kenko 1.4x tc availables?..cuz ther is it in price..i mean between the TELEPELUS HD DGX and the TELEOLUS PRO 300 ?. For doing CFWA Atus yeah i think.maybe thats waths happend to me..same dive sites..or just a simply block in my head..well.not that simply cuz its seems quit hard to get it out of my way jjeje....but im leading to play around with lighting stuff first and see how it goes....nice pictures by th way!!! Have a good one everyone.
  10. Looking to get into macro ..so trying to buy a canon 60 mm.macro and aquatica port to go whit it..
  11. Yeah tim, most sure i will end up as well qith the kenko, but now thinkin maybe get a properly macro gear...but mist sure ill end up with the kenko sooner or later... And Its wath i ve been doing lately..just some times to find a more interesting subject its wath im fighting with....i think i just have to reset my mind a little bit and start thinking different or ...dont know..ha..thanks again tom for your reply..you are always able to answer and help who ever needs it..
  12. Thanks guys for your answers, i really appreciate your time to reply....as well thanks for taking the time yo check my pics..well yeap macro its a really interested option ..but involved some $$$$.. meanning a lens..assuming a canon 60mm, the port , and maybe why not a +5 diopter..but well money that unnfortenlly dont have right now..maybe ill tray to find some used here..so will see how it goes. And sharkhittub, i tried already that offer my services, free, for monitoring coral with really no much ansewer, i think maybe i should tring again in this part of mexico. Tim i love your pi ture..and at ine point i found my self there too, tryin to do more artistics underwater photography, but i found its fiving me much to think with wide angle ..any tip for this?..thanks again guys for your replys
  13. Hi community..my name its juan..im a dive instructor and an underwater photographer living in the riviera maya..and the title basically saiys it all.."i feel stuck.."..and honestly dont know exactly wath it is..if im already tired of the same subjet always..(here is basically each dive its school of grunts, porkfish, some trumpet fish, once in a while nurse shark and moray eels.and a wreck) yes i go to cenotes once in a while but im more into shooting marin life ..i shoot wide angle.i have canon 7d with a tokina 10 17mm , a tokina 11 16..an aquatica housing and a 8" dome and a mini dome..2 sea & sea ys110a strobes...but i feel like im always shooting the same subjects , and trying to find some.other ways to shoot them nut never is quit amazing..my instagram its @maglianojuan if u want to take a look to my pics...so i dont.know if u have any tips , excersies,?..that can help me...maybe save some money and buy me a ticket to the red sea??..hahaha..why not right?..cant for the moment...thanks in advanced to everyone.
  14. Looking for an aquatica 18456 extension ring for my tokina 10 17mm..anyone?..thanks
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