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  1. I might be interested in the tokina 10 17..is still available..and for how much?
  2. thanks for the reply..im looking for one..but im cheling this two as well e..would you recommend the s2000 or the d2000? if you had to choose between those?
  3. Hi all of you out there..im starting in this ew underwater photography world..its been a year already..i own a canon 7d in an aquatica housing, 8" dome and an ikelite vega light.and i like shooting wide angle..now im about to by my first strobe..but i found these quit trouble for me so if you have any comment that can help me to make the decision i will be very happy...im kind on a budgget so i was thinking on a inon s2000 or inon d2000...suggestion?
  4. hi..is just the strobe..or comes with diffusser..or armas and clamps?
  5. how much for the strobe with armas and clamps?..u have fiber optical cable?
  6. hi there..this is still available? how much your aski g for the strobes package?
  7. hi ian you have some.pictures im really interested
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