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  1. i am in search of the a lens that will accomplish 80% of my underwater shooting needs, does anyone have experience with this lens, how does it work for non macro work? i use a 105 macro when i want real close up ability. i am looking for something with a wide angle capability and close focus ability , but also be able to shoot the occaisional shark , wreck form a distance etc.
  2. Well i just switched systems from minolta(been shooting minolta for 15years), to nikon with the purchass of a d200(still waiting for it to come in). Kind of thought the writing was on the wall when the independant lens makers stopped supporting minolta lens mounts. Kind of sad , i alway thought minolta was a great value for the price
  3. I have just purchased a nikon d200, this is a new system for me so i need all new lens,i intend to start underwater photography this year and i am not clear as to what type of lens/lens to buy also are zooms used? do people just use macro lens or wide/ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens i guess i am also looking to start with one lens i am leaning towards an ikilite housing and a ds 125strobe thanx for the comments
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