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  1. Selling my Sigma 15 mm fisheye lens in like new condition with vey little use. The lens has minimum signs of use and has no scratches or dings. This is a very sharp copy. Asking $400 USD plus shipping.
  2. Pichi

    Hi..I'm interested in the 140 mm fisheye dome. Is it still available?

    1. SMY


      Sorry, it'sĀ sold...

  3. Housing no longer for sale, I've decided to keep it. Thanks.
  4. I'd like to apologize for the previous lack of communication, I had to travel to a remote location at the beginning of the month, and I should have left a note indicating that I was going to be unable to have access to the internet for that period of time. I totally understand if some of the users that contacted me regarding this product got upset after no getting their questions answered, and the red flag that this incident my raise. Was never my intention to ignore any of those who tried to contact me and I truly apologize if my actions led you to believe so. With that said, the dome it's still available for sale and if there is any changes to its availability I will indicate it in this post. Cheers!
  5. I just bought some fiber optics from RENE and he did a great job packaging and shipping the items. Very pleased with the transaction. Cheers! Leo Lorenzo
  6. Extension ring and zoom gear are not included on the price..I can price them for you if interested. Thanks.
  7. Hi there! I have for sale a Nauticam 8.5 acrylic dome port in like new condition. I just bought it las May before my trip and used it for 15 dives. No I got the Nikon D-500 and I'd like to get a smaller dome for CFWA. The dome shade has a couple of tiny barely noticeable scratches on the lower part of the shade, outer bottom part. The dome itself its as good as new and I still have the original packaging. Have the extension ring and zoom gear for the Nikon 16-35 mm if interested. The dome its located in Toronto, Canada and the buyer will cover the shipping and insurance, Pay- Pal will be ideal or if you can meet me in person in the Toronto area I'll happily take the cash. Price: $ 500 USD
  8. Hi guys, I have for sale a Nauticam housing for the Nikon D-750 in like brand new condition. I purchased the housing and other accessories last May before my diving trip from Mozaik Underwater Camera Housings. I only used the housing for 15 dives and its in like brand new condition, no scratches dings etc. I still have the original packaging and Instruction manual. I added the Nauticalm M-14 Vacuum Valve II and it comes with the manual pump. I just got the Nikon D-500 and I'd love to house it. The housing its located in Toronto, Canada and buyer will have to cover the charges for shipping and Insurance, I will prefer a Pay-Pal transaction unless the buyer can meet me in person in Toronto and pay cash. Price : $3020 USD
  9. Hi Brian... I did buy the Nimar housing, however, I haven't get it yet..I'm hoping to get it this week, as soon as I get it I will let you know my first impression. There is no much info about the new Pro line out there yet, since its a new product. Ran from Mosaik Underwater Housings helped me with the decision process. He tested one of the new Pro housings, the one for the Nikon D500 , and he published a review of it. He visited the Nimar factory in Italy and he said the product its of a great quality and he has high expectations from it. Due to a limited budget I had to decide whether to buy the Ikelite or Nimar housings, better ergonomics, better port locking system and back door locking mechanism combined with a tougher material (delrin), various port mounting rings and few other details made me choose the Nimar housing. However, this is obviously a leap of faith since this product its very new and there is no reviews from other users so far.( Fingers crossed) I have no previous experience with the Ikelite system and by no means I'm stating that the Nimar housing is better. I read lots of good reviews about Ikelite and there is an ocean of happy users out there. I just simply made my decision based on what in my opinion will work best for me. I'm not sure if you already own a camera, but if you don't, I believe a cropped sensor camera will serve you best for super macro as per many experienced photographers in this site. Have a great day!
  10. Hello everyone, I recently switched to Full Frame and I'm selling my Olympus gear, all the gear was purchased last year and used no more than 10 times. It's all in like new condition without dings or scratches. This sis what I have left: Olympus Housing PT- EP 13 for OMD EM 5 Mark ii $ 800 CAD or $630 USD Zen WA-100-EP Dome Port for Olympus ED 9-18 mm, ED 14-42 mm and 60 mm Macro. $ 250 CAD or $ 200 USD Olympus Zuiko ED 9-18 mm f/4 - f/5.6 lens $ 500 CAD or $ 390 USD Olympus PPZR -EP02 Zoom Gear for the 9-18mm lens $ 20 CAD or $ 15 USD Total: $1570 CAD or $1235 USD If bought as a package I will let it go for $ 1450 CAD or $ 1100 USD Plus shipping cost. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!
  11. Is anybody using the Fantasea Macro Lens UCL -06LF + 12 out there? Any comments or thoughts about this Macro Lens will be welcomed.
  12. Hi guys, I'm selling my Zen dome port for Olympus housings, only used it several times since I bought it last September from Mozaik for around $500 CAD. The port its in perfect condition, no scratches on the glass or body. I still have the original packaging, comes with the neoprene cover and plastic cap. I just switched format so I don't longer need it. Located in Toronto Canada. $ 300 CAD.
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