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  1. Material is Fluorosilicone O-Rings (FVMQ) but nitril 70shore is cheaper, more available and ok. Size is metric (Not Japan metric !) For the size, i have bought a lot and send back the bad ones. Happy to exchange if you need more help
  2. I was changing a leaky oring on my MDX-PRO MKIII tonight when i broke the threaded part in which the axle of the boutton goes. In the red circle on the second picture. Does anybody have an old housing which could be a donor for this part ? I think most of the mdx housing got this part. Thank you
  3. Hi, I'm looking for aquatica or seacam housing for 1DMKIII. If anyone has this and want ot sell it. Thank you
  4. Thank you TimG ! Couple of extra pumps was the answer !
  5. Thanx for replies ! I’ll check that with your advices in about 10 days.
  6. I upgrade my housing with lot of things ( viewfinder, new back screen ‘handmade’, leaksentinel ...) So it’s possible something is leaking :-/
  7. The led goes green then it begin to blink red and green
  8. I just put a leak sentinel V5 on my sea&sea mdx housing. It seems i have leak according the leak sentinel. Can someone tell me how to locate it ? I dont want to put the housing in water :-/
  9. Hi, Is it still for sale ? What would be your best price for shipping it to France ? Thanx Antoine
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