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  1. Soooo...how was it and where did you go? I saw this boat in Whitter Alaska and then again in Seward Alaska when we were out there fishing. Yes, I said the F word. Awesome....tell us about your adventure!
  2. Thanks for the reply guys.... I have done some more research and I think that I found a winner for my price range. Does anyone have or know about the Olympus SP-500 UZ? The specs look good and I think that it would be compatible with the flash I want....any comments or ideas would be great! carly
  3. Hello! I would say that Hawaii and Belize are both very different then Yap. For big animal life, Belieze would be the place. We stayed on Tobacco Key and AC in Belize. The diving on Tobacco was pretty great, saw some nice Tarpon...and out of AC we dove the regular sites...Blue Hole (lots of big sharks there) and Shark Ray alley (that one is pretty self explanitory! ) We lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for a year and did 100+ dives there....most all from shore. My husband would rather go back to Belize..better reef life, soft corals, easier diving. But I would rather go back to Hawaii. We saw TONS of turtles, flying gurnard, lots of frog fish, mantas, great nudibranchs and cowries, heard humpbacks....but this is probably because we dove it so much. I think that a lot depends on where in Hawaii you are thinking of going. If the Big island, check with Jacks Diving Locker and they can hook you up with where to go shore diving, and you are much more free to do what you want. I think that you can find great stuff in both places.
  4. Hello, My husband and I went to Palau last December and it was AWESOME! We stayed on the Big Blue Explorer live-a-board and really enjoyed it. I would say that we had a great advantage being on a boat rather then in a hotel. We were able to get in 5 dives a day vs people staying in a hotel only getting in 2 a day because of the travel time. As far as the currents, I would say that they are not a problem for intermedate to experienced divers. We hooked in 3 times and saw some really great marine life when we did, the rest of the diving was wall and reef diving.
  5. Hello! I am looking into getting my first good digital camera for use underwater. I am hoping that someone can give me advise on a couple of things. First, what is the major difference between these two cameras?...besides one megapixel? They both have 12x optical zoom which sounds good.....one is smaller then the other, but in the prices that I have seen the SD700 IS is 100$ more...what gives? Also I have been told that the ikelite DS-125 Strobe is a good one to go for but, would it be compatible with both of these cameras? I could not find a Ikelite housing price for the SD700 IS but the website did say that they made one, the ikelite housing price for the S2 is 750$. Also is it worth the extra money to get the image stabilizer feature? If you have any thoughts on these questions I would really like to get some imput! Thanks for the help, AK traveler
  6. Hello, Seems like everyone is pretty well traveled but here is my trip report for our first trip to Micronesia (December 22-January 6)!! Rota-We had alot of fun in Rota. The island is small and not very touristy which always appeals to me. The visibility lived up to it's reputation and then some (200 feet horizontal during rough weather). We dove the Shoun Maru and SenHanom Cave but really enjoyed the basic reef dives the most. Hard corals mostly but an healthy reef environment. We dove with Dive Rota and the owner and staff really went out of their way to see that we had a good time. Good breifings and attention to safety. Overall- not as flashy as the rest of the trip but awesome tune up and viz. Palau-Palau is famous enough you don't need me to ramble on about it. Let's just say it lived up to it's reputation. We dove Peleliu and all the famous Southen Rock Island sites. Were were on the Big Blue Explorer and they did a great job for us. The crew was really fun yet professional and safety was a priority. Good breifings too. There were so many grat dives it is hard to pick a few favorites but i'd say (in no partcular order) German Channel (saw the mantas diving once and snorkling once!), Peleliu wall, Turtle wall and any night dive! Jellyfish lake was great too. The Schools of fish and sharks were all over blue corner I just enjoy lush sites more. Overall-Palau rocks and go liveaboard. Yap-We dove Mil Channel several times and every time got a new Manta experiance. Nine on one dive was the most. Also saw them on the cleaning station and had to practically bury myself (to avoid contact) as they circled overhead. Another plus, my wife took a begining photo class with Manta Visions (the same Mike who posts here all the time) and it was excelent. Probably the best endorsement I can give is that we are saving for a camera now. Also, i'd go with one of the Yapese dive guides because their eyes are amazing. Nudibranchs from 15 feet away exc, you won't swim by much with them. Now that i've said all to good stuff I do have to give a word of caution. I subscribe to Scuba Diving magazine and every year they present a reader's poll. It is BS and gave me the wrong impression of what diving in Yap would be like. They ranked Yap ahead of Palau for wall diving! I don't think any sane person could think Yap's walls were even close to Palau's. Just one guy's opinion. Oveall-Go to Yap for a great Manta experiance and some fair reef diving but be aware that Yap's non-manta dives may be a overhyped in the press. Adam
  7. Hi Guys, I just finished "The Ancestor's tale" by Richard Dawkins and would recomend it to those interesed in evolutionary biology. It has an interesting format and is light enough to read for leisure but still interesting. Adam
  8. Hi Everyone, My wife and I are hoping to plan a trip to Lembeh Straits and Raja Ampat next December/January. Does the monsoon season preclude travel to these areas during this timeframe? I have heard mixed reports. We are hoping to spend 5 days at a resort in Lembeh Straits and then a 12 day liveaboard in Raja Ampat. Unfortunatly, we don't have alot of flexability. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. P.S. We can handle rain showers but might think twice if the visability and/or sea conditions would be poor. Thanks again.
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