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  1. I'm using the Fantasea housing which I understand is the same thing as the 10Bar. It is serving me very well.




    I have been reading everyone’s helpful comments and have decided that it is time to move to an Olympus E-330.


    I am living in Asia now and the most available housings are the Olympus and 10bar. I would appreciate any comments/experiences that photographers have about these housings.





  2. You are not charged for ordering off the menu at lunch instead of the "diver's special."


    We've been through this before over on the evil empire. I don't know what to tell you, as I was most certainly charged for ordering chips and guac. Maybe the guy was new, maybe they just didn't like me, but I was definatly charged.

  3. boy, I'd want to know what you had that you didn't like, or what kind of food you do like. I put on weight there.


    Lunch the first day was a buffet. I didn't want that much so I just asked for chips and guac, which was ok but I had to pay for it, seems only the buffet was "included". Dinner that night was boiled chicken with canned cream of something soup on top.


    I spent the rest of the week eating in town.


    A lot of people really like SCC. It is what it is, for my $$ I much prefer Caribe Blu, but I like that it is much more laid back and has real beds. Eating and diving is never an issue there and the breakfast and lunch very reasonable never more than a few bucks for breakfast and <$10 for luch including a couple of cervesas. Rooms cleaner and bigger.


    Downside to Caribe Blu is that it adds an extra 5 minutes or so to the hike to town from SCC.


    As for the Palace, it's apples and oranges. As I said I don't like AI in Cozumel but when we bring the kid my wife insists. I've never stayed at the Presidente but the Palace is much nicer than any of the other AI's I've seen there. Location is directly across from Chedraui. I prefer Caribe Blu but the original author was asking about AI resorts, and it's a stretch to call either CB or SCC a resort or AI.



  4. Calling Scuba Club an all inclusive is very deceptive. It does inlclude some (really bad, IMHO) food but no drinks. This is not a resort in any sense of the word but is more of a low end diving hotel. Not that there is anything wrong with that but based on the options you have given it doesn't appear to be what you are looking for.


    If you want a nice AI resort, I highly recommend the Cozumel Palace. It's very nice and has a near perfect location.


    If you want a dive hotel, I'd recommend Caribe Blu over Scuba Club any day. It not AI but there is a restaraunt on site for breakfast and lunch that is good and cheap. Personally I prefer to avoid AI on Cozumel because the local food is both fantastic and very affordable. You do yourself a real disservice by eating resort grub. Both CB & SCC used to have great shore diving pre-Wilma.



  5. So now I'm trying to figure out the benefits of each one.


    I just got the Fantasea housing so I've been doing a lot of research on this.


    The Ikelite probably has the best name as far as quality housings are concernd. They are also the most expensive. I found a great review of the Oly housing here: http://www.letsgodigital.org/html/review/u...ldives_EN1.html.


    What I'm really not sure about is how this all works with strobes. For example I know that Ikelite strobes will work with the Ikelite housing, but what about Sea and Sea strobes? What does the Olympus housing work with for strobes? I do know that I want a set up that I can use TTL, so I think that will have an impact.


    If you want TTL with the Ikelite you'll have to go with their strobes. If you want ttl-with the Oly or Fantasea the you'll go with the Oly flash unit, FL-50 with a flash housing. If your ok with manual then there are more options. You can't use a slave flash because you can't open the built in flash.


    - total cost (with strobe - housing cost along isn't enough)


    The Fantasea is without a doubt the cheapest option. It comes with a port for the kit lens for about the same price as the Oly with no port and hundreds less than the Ikelite with no port.




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