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  1. Hi Jim, I have recently taken out the viewfinder of my Aquatica 5D to install the Aqua View Finder I recently bought. I don´t know if your housing is exactly the same as mine (I think mine was one of the early ones out of the factory), but all you have to do is remove the o-ring in the inside of the housing, put your thumbs against the viewfinder from the inside of the housing and push the whole thing out. the 3 screws aren´t connecting the viewfinder to the housing they, they just screw the black protection over the glass. All the best, Nuno.
  2. O.k. Thanks to all. Now my only decision will be between shoosing the 1.4 or 2x TC. Think I´ll go for the 500D diopter. Just ordered a Aqua viewfinder so seems like the right oportunitie to trie more than 1.1. Any thoughts on how hard MF is with a 2x TC on the 100mm? I´m guessing it will be easier with the 1.4. Thanks, Nuno.
  3. O.k., so the Sigma 150mm with a diopter would be the best choice, but not the cheapest one . The lens is going for about 600$, and the Kenko 1.4 TC for about 199$ (220$ for the 2x). Matthias, have you tried the AF with a 1.4 TC, any better? That would be a good and cheap choice 100mm with the 1.4 TC and a +2 or +4 Diopter? And how about the dry diopters? I hear good thing about the Canon 500D. But Tiffen has a one element +1, +2 and +4 Kit for about 27$, and the 500D goes to around 85$. I am against cheap glass in front of a good lens, but I have heard allot of people being satisfied with the Tiffen kit, and how you can use several of them at once (ex: +1 with +2). What do you think? Thanks, Nuno
  4. Hi all, Been using a 17-40 on my 5D in Aquatica housing. Been hearing great things about using a B+W +4 Diopter on the lens for increased sharpness. First of all, is it really unsharp on the corners? Never thought so, but on the other side I always thought my 15mm pics looked sharper. Second, does it loose depth of field and reduce the angle with the lens wide open (at 17mm)? Thank´s, Nuno.
  5. Hi all, I am using a 100mm 2.8 on a FF (5d) in a Aquatica housing. Want to get more than 1:1 macro, never tried Diopters, extension rings or TC´s. What woul/did you chose? All the best, Nuno.
  6. Thanks James, I never tried non canon teleconverters, but have read great reviews about, Kenko, Tamron and Sigmas, seems they are good qualitie and are compatible with more lens than canon. By the way, you meant Kenko Teleplus, and not Tamron, right? I am thinking maybe a teleconverter will do the job, does anyone know if Auto focus still works o.k. with a a 1.4 or even 2x Kenko TC, on a 100mm 2.8? If it works like canon´s it should work o.k. till F/5.6, so they should both maintaine AF. Thanks, N
  7. Thank you all, great help! James - What brand 1.4x or 2x teleconverters are you talking about? I have the canon 1.4 but it is not compatible with my 100mm 2.8? Tristan - Excellent, I will order a +4 B+W diopter for the 17-40. Was also thinking of the 500D for macro, folowing Alex Mustards adivice and using a single element dioptre for wide and a dual element dioptre for macro. But what kind of extension tube will you be trying? And did your 17-40 lose any angle when wide open (17mm) with the diopter? Bent - Where you using the +4 B+W diopter aswell? All the best, Nuno.
  8. Hi, I´m also using a 5D in a Aquatica with a 17-40 and 100mm (a Sigma 15mm aswell). Never felt the need for extension tubes and diopters, but I was thinking of what I have been missing. My main objective would be to improve corner sharpness and alow a closer fucusing for my 17-40. As for the macro, just whant more maginification (the 100mm gets a bit short on FF with tiny things). Any advice in what I shoul use for them both? Thanks, N.
  9. Hi all, does any one know if DEPP covers residents in the EU, and that doe semi-professional work (ie have a few published books and sell some underwater pictures but is not my mane profession, since I professionly do land photography). Thinking of insuring my 5D, Aquatica Housing, 2 DS-125 Strobes, a Sigma 15mm, Canon 17-40 and 100mm, as well as the domes, and memory cards. And don´t have a lot of $ Thank´s
  10. I think I have made my decision. The Sigma minimum focus distance and the magnification diferences are pretty big : Sigma - 1 - 3.8 ; Cannon - 1 - 7.1. What do you think?
  11. At B&h the difference between both lens is about 30$, so with such a small difference I don´t wan´t the $ to be the decider.
  12. Hi all, I am broke but in need of a focus light. The Fantasea Line 44 Bulb LED is pretty cheap and I have heard allot of people use it as a focus light, is it any good? Meanwhile in its specification´s: "The light has a mounting ring and stainless steel wing nut which allows for easy attachment to strobe arms and lens port brackets. This makes a convenient focus or aiming light." But that´s all it says and there is no picture of the mounting ring or stainless steel wing nut, does anyone know how it works?
  13. Hi all, Need to make a decision , witch fisheye for my 5D in a Aquatica Housing? I hear alot about Sigma 15mm, but Cannon´s lens is not much more expensive. Any advice? Thank´s.
  14. Excellent, it´s what I have been using with the 17-40. So, 15mm it is, but Sigma or Cannon?
  15. Hi Herbko, Noticed you are using the same housing configurations as me. If I get the Sigma 15mm,´does the #18480 Fisheye Dome Shade, work wel on the 8" dome port? Or do you use no shade at all?? Thank´s
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