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  1. I do like the look of the current version but think it's design is somewhat impractical. The round smooth bottom has such low friction on a smooth surface that a little tap can send it flying off a desk. Mine probably would not have survived more than a few days without a skin. I don't know anyone who uses a naked iphone. It seem such a waste to put in what must have been a great deal of engineering to make it so slim only to have to put a thick rubber skin on it for practical use. I would much rather have the bottom flat and a little more sticky.
  2. Not biased at all. Great shot Rand!
  3. No. I'm on the party of having sensors with lower noise to begin with. That was the reason for choosing Canon. A little noise is much better than heavy NR. The amount of AA filtering trades off sharpness for digital artifacts, and does not affect noise which is produced by the sensor under the filter.
  4. There's probably a grain-o-matic plug-in for photoshop somewhere on the web. If not I'm sure you can write one. I'm with Matt on this one.
  5. Yes. I chose the high ISO to get the natural water color background. Because of the low light level, high ISO was the only way to get that. I was already at the limits of low shutter speed and wide aperture (for the DOF I wanted).
  6. I really wasn't trying to start that. I was amused to see Alex now has ISO800 as the default setting for temperate waters. I seem to remember reading his post on this board that he sees no value in good high ISO image quality for underwater use when he was shooting with the D2x. So I couldn't resist commenting.
  7. 18 March 2007. ISO 1600. From deep dark Monterey.
  8. Hardly a recent development. The Canon 5D has been around for over 3 1/2 years now.
  9. Try cookie swap https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3255 It let's you swap profiles, much easier than using multiple browsers.
  10. With W's departure the humor industry must be suffering a major downturn.
  11. Verrry cool shot Laz. Great job getting them both in focus, and great lighting.
  12. Careful Alex. You'll hear from the rubber ducky rights people for this one.
  13. That was an unlikely title from one working on Wall Street.
  14. Beautiful shots Jenny! I was there a few years ago with a point-and-shoot. I definitely have to go back.
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