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  1. I frequently use a Tamron 1.4x teleconverter with the 100mm macro and often add the 500D. The camera still does a good job of autofocus with these combinations. Some sample shots were posted here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15035&hl= The first two and the last were shot with a 1.4x and the 100mm.
  2. Thanks Alex. I think the adjustable brightness of the FIX mod light really helped. The dive guide had warned us during the briefing that these fish didn't like lights so I turned my light to minimum when one of the other divers spotted it and called me over. That fish didn't seem to mind the light at that intensity too much. I was able to spent about 5 minutes with it before it ran off into an area that was not very accessible. It was an interesting fish to watch. The way it moved was closer to running than swimming. It never came off the bottom.
  3. Hi Cindy. It was great meeting you also. Hope you got in some great shots. I was very lucky with the mantas & molas: 5 mantas and 3 molas and one thresher shark in 3 short dives at Nusa Penida. It was cold! 72F at Manta point and 68F at Crystal Bay.
  4. Returned from Wakatobi last weekend; my first long trip with the 5D. Had some wonderful dives. The camera performed beautifully. Here's a few to get started. It'll probably take about a week to sort out the ones I like into an album.
  5. Looks like a good day. My last dive at Bali was also 68F and the water didn't look as blue.
  6. Very nice shots. I really like the Orangutan Crab. It's rare to see them out like that. They're usually embedded in the bubble coral.
  7. Very interesting "Wide angle macro" shots. Looking forward to your article. Love the mola mola shots also. I just came back from probably a similar encounter and could not get anywhere as close to them as you did. How deep were they when you took those shots. They were down around 40m when I saw them at Nusa Penida on Saturday.
  8. The mechanical shutter of the D100 only allowed 1/180 x-sync. The electronic shutter of the D70 made possible it's high x-sync. The new camera may have a shutter similar to these two?
  9. Love the shot of the rays. I was at Lobos on Saturday and it was not quite as clear, but I still wished I had my WA lens on instead of my macro.
  10. Thanks for correcting. I keep forgetting that the Nikon crop is 1.5x while the Canon crop is 1.6x
  11. A full frame with the pixel density of the D2X would be 30.5 M pixels (12.2x2.5). The corner sharpness is a lens issue, and I don't think that a different sensor would change that. If you make the same size print, it'd probably look the same in the problem areas. For a give lens the fix is to shoot at smaller aperture and higher ISO. If Canon can further improve the high ISO performance, it would make it possible to go to smaller apertures.
  12. Wetpixel.com launched Dec 1999 by David Breitigam.
  13. Great shots Mike. I'll have put these two on the list of places to visit.
  14. OK. I'll play the devil's advocate. Even though the dpreview review compared it to the D200 and 30D, I think its main competitors are the 350D and the yet to be announced D80 (?), both of which has the same sensor as the more expensive upscaled models and same picture quality. The 350D cost about $200 less than the Sony. I really don't think the difference between 8M and 10M pixels is a big deal. In practice, when the photo sites are that close together you're probably limited by the lens a majority of the time. The difference in resolution between the Sony and the Nikon with the same sensor is probably just due to the choice in noise reduction: less details, lower noise. For underwater shooting both Nikon and Canon has better lens selection. Nikon has the 10.5 mm FE and the new 105mm AS-F and Canon has the 100mm and 60mm macro USM lenses. The likelihood of having housings available does not depend on any of the above. I think it's just numbers. If Sony sells enough of these, the housing vendors will probably support it, but I doubt they'll jump in before it's clear that this is a popular camera.
  15. I think their marketing is counting on people who care enough about the size and shape of the camera, ones like you, to be willing to spend the extra for the D200.
  16. I don't know how big a factor size is for the low end DSLR. I suspect people place much higher priority on image and features. Look at it's competition. The Canon 350D, all the Olympus and the Sony A100 are all very small.
  17. This will replace the D70. The D50 will be the low cost camera. The rest of the camera buying public are not as concern about size and shape as owners of D70 housings.
  18. While we been sleeping, SD card has fast become the standard for cameras. Most new laptops has a SD slot. The cost of a 4GB SD card is now under $100, so this is hardly a big issue even for those upgrading from cameras that uses compactflash.
  19. Needs a real curve tool. Faster would help too.
  20. Very cool. Do zoom all the way in.
  21. The search returned: Yap Frederick MD 660 829 3400 - 110 mi E I wonder if he get calls asking about diving with Manta's. Yap is there if you knew where to look. The resolution is actually quite good. The line painted on the airport runway and the airport building can easily be resolved.
  22. Click on the Google headquarters link and go 1 mile away from the bay along Shoreline Blvd.
  23. What does tradition have to do with anything. Understand your equipment and use it to get the best image. Here's an example: shot under a dark pier, F/11, 1/30, ISO 1600. Using high ISO and small aperture is the right trade off for the 5D. You have to look hard to see the difference between ISO 100 and 1600.
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