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  1. 16 July 2007 - Olympus has moved to quash rumours online about a leaked PowerPoint presentation that supposedly contained info about its forthcoming "P-E1" digital SLR.


    In a statement to Pocket-lint a spokesman for the company said:


    "We are not in a position to comment on any of this information but what I can say is that Olympus has not released a presentation on any new SLR body

    following the launch of the E-410 and E-510."


    Hmm... Interesting. I can't see how that statement will quash the rumor. They did not say that any of the information in the leaked PowerPoint is not true. Just that they did not release it. We all knew that. That statement contains no new information.

  2. Looks nice Herb! Just took a quick spin around the various photo albums and the controls seem to work perfectly...


    Just one question, what goes in the black blox at the bottom of the front page... Seems like some java plugin/ script there? It's blank on my screen.


    That's the Guestbook. I don't know why they chose to use flash to do it. I tried to avoid using flash, but that got in there.

  3. Most of my WA shots are taken with the Sigma 15mm FE. I haven't heard anything about it being discontinued. It's still here:




    You can paid a little more and get the Canon 15mm FE, but I don't think there's a big difference between the image quality of the two.



    Actually, the Canon 15mm FE is only $30 more. With such a small difference, I'd probably get the Canon.



  4. Great pictures Herb.


    What lens did you find the most useful at Lembeh? I imagine that I can guess which photos were taken with the 100 mm, but what lens was your favorite, the one that you used most of the time?





    Thanks. I used the 100mm with a 500D closeup lens exclusively. A couple of times I added a 1.4x teleconverter.

  5. really nice photos Herb, thanks for posting


    how many dives did you do in Manado and Lembeh, over how many days?




    Thanks. I was there for 10 days. 3 at Murex Manado and 7 at Lembeh resort.

  6. Steve,


    Thanks for the info. It looks like there's a large variation on the tightness of fit of the ports. All my ports and extension rings fit very tightly. I remember one time when I try to take it apart by first removing the macro port and then the extension ring, and found that I couldn't rotate the extension ring because it was on so tight. I had to put the macro port back on for leverage to rotate the ring.

  7. Since we are sponsoring the wayback machine we asked them to make some kind of visual addition to their racks so visiting suits have something to drool at. So above the Internet Archive racks is a large cinema display rotating a random historical webpage every few seconds. It's hilarious.




    If the statistics I've seen on the percentage of websites that are porn sites is correct, this would indeed be an interesting display. ;)

  8. Now that I finally had a chance to use mine, I'll put in my $0.02 worth.


    I think it's great and worth the cost. It did take about a day to get used to because a tighter alignment between the eye and the finder is required. For the first couple of dives, it took lots of moving my head around to see anything at all and I almost gave up and put the old one back on. After a day or so, I got used to the alignment and never really had to think about it again, and really enjoyed the larger view. I think the biggest impact on the results is that I have a higher percentage of shots with the focus where I wanted it.

  9. I also tried cloudy - but this produced too warm foregrounds with my strobes and the short camera to subject distances. Daylight was OK, but not as good as 4800K.


    Have you tried Inon strobes? ;)


    I typically use cloudy or WB at around 5500K when I shoot at Monterey. I don't know about the temperate water where you are, but in Monterey the range of water color is much greater than what is typical in the tropics. The same site can be nice turquoise blue one day and ugly brown the next. I'm not sure there's one WB setting that'll alway give what you want it to look like.

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