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  1. I get the impression that it was a GBP cheque, in which case the German bank will charge a fat fee to clear it.


    You can't win:

    * The home bank charges a hefty fee for bank drafts

    * The foreign bank charges a hefty fee to clear foreign (GBP) cheques

    * Telegraphic transfer fees are high.

    * The foreign bank will charge the vendor 5% for credit card use, and the purchaser will take a hit on the exchange rate used by the local bank.


    But I think that credit cards really work best nowadays! Just make sure that the security is OK.

  2. I now have the C-4000Z and yes, it does fit into the PT-005.


    I have used the camera extensively on the surface, and I like it. Unfortunately the shutter lag is as bad as my old 3040, but I will just have to learn to work around this.


    I haven't used the camera underwater yet, but I am planning a trip soon. I haven't been u/w for a few months, and really have to get there.


    I live in South Africa and we now have summer here. So some good diving on the coral reefs at Sodwana Bay in 27 C water is on the cards. And with some luck the raggies (Sand Tigers for you Americans) will be there! The ragged tooth sharks often congregate in packs of up to 20 large sharks in shallow (15m) waters just off the reefs during December/January at Sodwana Bay. Fortunately, they are not aggressive, assuming that the divers behave themselves.

  3. Why don't you consider the C-4000Z and the PT-010?


    For u/w use the 4000 should be almost as good as the 4040, major disadvantage being F2.8 v F1.8, which doesn't matter if you use a strobe, and no sound on the video, but it is much cheaper.


    The C-4000Z has received very good ratings. Sometimes better than the C-4040Z.


    I have played with a 3020, it is not a bad camera either, but today you need 4 Mp or higher. 3Mp is now entry-level. And for good reason, I don't think that print quality is good enough with 2 Mp. 3Mp is OK, but 4Mp is just that little bit better which gives you the flexibility on cropping, etc.

  4. Allan,


    Thanks for the confirmation, I don't want to get a new housing at this point, especially not with the camera shapes changing as with the C-5050Z.


    And it looks as if the C-4000Z will be better u/w than the C-3040Z, what with the higher resolution, super-macro, 4x "MyMode", Multi-Point Metering, histogram, etc. I found that the 3040 had difficulty focusing u/w - hope that the 4000 is better. And it's also relatively cheap - for when the unexpected happens!


    I only see two downsides - F2.8 v F1.8 , and the 3040 has sound on the video clips - I often take short video clips u/w and the sound works well and makes it interesting.



  5. Does anyone know whether an Olympus C-4000Z will fit into the PT-005 housing?


    I have been using the PT-005 with a C-3040Z, but am considering upgrading to a C-4000Z, but don't want to buy a new housing at this point.


    I am aware that the C-4040Z doesn't fit into this housing because it has a slightly thicker barrel, but the C-4000Z appears to have the more normal barrel, similar to the 3040Z.


    BTW, as far as I am aware, the PT-007's barrel size is the same as the PT-005, so if the C-4000Z fits into this it should also be OK. It is only the PT-010 that is different, and caters for the wider barrel of the C-4040Z.


    Any help would be appreciated.

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