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  1. Beautiful Photos. Was the last one shot with Fluorescent? The coral is a amazing green
  2. Thanks Skeptic14. Yes I am using the Micro 2.0. It doesn't have capability for a strobe so I have just been using a mounted light (2000 lumen flashlight in this case).
  3. Below are some of my work from a dive trip in Key Largo. Comments, critiques, correction on fish ID, or just what was your favorite pic in the Keys are welcome. Yellowtail Snapper by Jon Sperry, on Flickr Atlantic Trumpetfish,Bluestriped GruntSchoolmaster by Jon Sperry, on Flickr Brassy Chub, Bermuda Chub and Topsail by Jon Sperry, on Flickr Midnight Parrot by Jon Sperry, on Flickr Christmas Tree Worm by Jon Sperry, on Flickr Ballon Fish by Jon Sperry, on Flickr
  4. I second that. The two shots of the cuttlefish are my fav.
  5. jboord do you have any pictures? If you have one of these for sale I would be interested if it is in good condition.
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