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  1. Interested in the following; Nauticam NA-A7II Housing (Camera body not included) Includes:Vacuum Valve II (Push Button) Optical Flash Trigger N100-N120 Step-up Adapter For Sony 16-35 f4 (Lens not included) Includes:Extension Ring 50 Zoom Ring Focus Ring 140mm Glass Dome
  2. Hey guys, Can anyone offer any advice as to dual strobe choices for an A7rii in a Meikon housing? What type of sync cord does the Meikon housing have? Im mostly using it show shallow water of pool shoots. Wide angle mostly. Thanks all!
  3. Im leaving America on tuesday so would like to sell the last of my underwater gear before i go got 3 Ikelite -> Nikonos sync cords for $45 each 3 x 8" UCLS arms x $35 each 7 UCLS clamps x $19 each + Shipping
  4. 1 arm, 1 small clamp and long clamp are sold. All the rest i will sell for $200
  5. bump Macro port and MacroMate $600 + shipping. would like to move these this week
  6. Ike->Nikonos sync cords, I have 3 left of my 5. $60 each or $150 for all 3 + shipping Also have an Aquatica Macroport and macromate available.
  7. Set of UCLS clamps and arms for strobes, good condition. 4 x 8" arms 7 x Standard Clamps 1 x Long clamp $320 + postage
  8. Macro Port and MacroMate still available. $650 for both together
  9. 18410 4" Mini Dome $450 18426 AF/MF Macro Port $350 2 small scratches on outside of lens, does not affect photos 18453 Extension for 105mm Macro $125 18456 Extension for Tokina 10-17 $125 48717 Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm $95 MacroMate Diopter to fit Aquatica Macro Port $350 Plus Shipping, May do discounts for packages Shipping from Savannah, Georgia. USA
  10. I have 2 optical triggers used to fire off camera strobes. Here is a review on them and an idea of what you can do with them. http://wetpixel.com/articles/review-triggerfish-remote-slave-trigger/ Cost 120euro each I will sell $120 USD each or $200 for both + Shipping. Shipping from Savannah, Georgia.
  11. I have some for sale in my post here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52747 Nikonos -> Ikelite Strobes
  12. give me your email think you need more posts to be able to pm
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