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  1. I'd have to go with this assumption too, but I'm not going to appologise afterwards. Boxer crabs are almost always found singularly and the dive guides go collect them and arrange them for the photographers on that sponge. To state that they were pointed out by the diveguides as is, would be grossly misleading. To say there are witnesses too, frankly I'd rather believe the second coming was yesterday. Manipulating wildlife is a big no-no supposingly in competitions and if this image is allowed to take the prize (in the wrong category) it shows that it's all lip service and really anything goes. It just shows how inexperienced judges can be with regard to the natural habits of creatures. Just one of these latest phase creatures wit a cute persona. So if you want your witnesses to purger themselves too, post their comments here.
  2. www.diving-world.com These are the cooriginators of Southern Red Sea cruises. Contact Mohamed Oweiss in London - surf@diving-world.com You can book flights around his packages that inlcude Gatwick/Hurghada flights. We're going on the Royal Emperor in May/June with Bob whorton & Ali Baba for two weeks. Marine park islands & St. John, can't wait
  3. Is there going to be a morning after pill in case my passion gets the better of me?
  4. These are very beautiful images, and the expressions and textures are just lovely. "What are Squatties?" Pictures???
  5. Awesomelah! Cannot these fish judge if something is too big?
  6. Hi Scotty thank you for your input. I am intending to use the 17" primarily for work and home office. I think you are right it may be much to much to want to take on a dive holiday. We have a small 12" version that my husband uses for editing his video when we are away and I will get my turn too for the still camera.
  7. QUOTE Guess we are lucky in Seychelles having not needed to feed sharks so that divers can see them. Thousands of divers are now coming to Seychelles to watch natural interaction between sharks of the same or different species. Arguably the practice of feeding sharks encourages diving tourism, but what about the negative side - the angling fraternities and their soft trophies? In spots around the world fishermen often jump into the spot left by the dive boat that has just encouraged the sharks with bad bait (Bad Bait is worthless food scraps like fleshless fish bodies). After this just half a Barracuda will attract everything blindly onto a battery of hooks. According to Scientific reports this feeding has other adverse effects on the character of sharks - Some of it bad for tourism, with sharks turning on the 'feeders' or watcher's' because scraps are not enough to pacify their artificial arrousal (Maldives, Australia & Red Sea on several occasions), another that the sharks no longer need to carry on the role of predator and carrion removers. I think these are just some of the reasons the practice is getting banned all around the world. One thing I cannot personally get over is seeing Hammerhead sharks conned upto the surface to take bad bait just so a bunch of photographers can grab a holiday snap, or a pro get an easy shot... Maybe a necessary step? If you want to see hammheads on natural feeding cycles go to the Red Sea, Maldives, Cocos etc. A photograph from these locations is far more valid & memorable. The tourism angle in the protection arguement is a very valid, but if it is at the expense of affecting the shark in other ways then banning feeding after protection is warrented. Now I was neither for or against shark feeding until I began reading these posts but from the way it is going I think you should all agree to remove this farse from the forum. It is more than obvious that the 'fors' are in communication to collaberate between postings too. I have brought over the original statement from Cybergoldfish as its content has been twisted a little. As far as myself and my husband can see, this is a concerned individual making a personal opinion and he is not making wild accusations or claims. This guy has been incredibly helpful to this board and to me in particular, but now I feel he is being put in a position where he's getting put upon so you can justify your business operation. As he and someone else said people are getting bitten by feeding sharks, there was someone nipped on Elphinstone when we were there last year after they took in a fish for bate A Stupid thing to do I agree, but it happens all the time we are told and the incidents go unreported. Captains too drag fish behind the boats as they approach reefs to bring in the sharks and this is while divers are in the water already at the reef. This is why any kind of feeding was outlawed in 1996 in the Red Sea, after environmental concern for the natural behaviour of reef sharks. Yes, it is happening still but one operator was fined for it and the captain put in jail. I suppose this can be verified by calling the Egyptian Environmental Office. The grey and silvertips go mad on Elphinstone reef if people are chucking scraps in the water, one big one swims vertically up the rope he thinks will provide him food. Maybe carefully controled events miles from anywhere (CG states this may be necessary for protection as question) its ok but not while other water users are in any kind of potential danger from rogue sharks. And certainly not on such a regular basis that it would affect the sharks normal profile. Now with regard to the other individual I cannot comment, but he does make several points but roughly cut if you like. echeng. as administrator on this board you are supposed to be an unbiased moderator not someone dishing out childish remarks to try and look cool to your chosen friends. I take it from your introduction you have only been diving a year or two. This in our opinion does not qualify you or give you any right to criticise someone who has been diving for 30 odd years an ardent conservationist and lobbier for endangered creatures most of his life. I feel he doesn't have to justify anything to you. This is my opinion.
  8. Egypt is great in July - VERY hot but if you choose a live aboard you get a nice sea breeze. You could always do a romantic cruise down the nile too, combined with a weeks diving. As Bob (Cybergoldfish) has said the majority of central Indian Ocean is at its low point for diving. Maldives is in the indian Ocean.
  9. Thanks for the info Dave. I am going to order one tomorrow as it looks very good value for money and packed with useful devices. Hopefully the 2xDVD burner too. The 1gb of Ram has got to be good for the likes of us eh?
  10. I am thinking of buying the new 17" Mac laptop, but before I do has anyone had any experience with it?
  11. Recall: Sorry Don apparently it was a wind-up...
  12. It is a species of COTS. Maldives (just been) has purple ones.
  13. At 3-4" my husband suggested a one-eyed moray!
  14. I had better buy a good macro lens for September then!
  15. Hardly the place for these kinds of comments
  16. As Scotty has said before me: What an incredible story and what a test of physical and mental endurance that must have been. Hope we get to see some of those pictures.
  17. John at Aquatec is very nice and true to his word - we got our 2 din type Motherbuoys complete with mini cylinders within just two days of ordering. So if you see 2 big orange fingers sticking out of the sea with "His & Hers" written on them it will more than likely be us! Great instructions too Bob xxx P.
  18. I was given a copy of this report by the Sigma Representative last week, I am very glad i read it and my interpretation is as above. It seems everyone contemplating DSLR has to start again.
  19. As the greatest pressure difference lies between the surface and 10m should a camera be inclined to leak it will surely be within this zone.
  20. "Happy Birthday" PS What the heck's a sea nettle?
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