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  1. Here is a video I put together of our Shark Dive in Roatan Honduras.
  2. The Sony A1U is a single chip camera, and I'm usually able to manual white balance with the color filter in the Amphibico housing well below 60 feet, and often aproaching 100 feet if the water is clear and the sky sunny as it often has been in the Caribbean (Bonaire, Roatan, Bahamas). I usually white balance on the white platic lens protector that came with the housing, and color seems good. I have considered getting a proper slate, but this is working so far.
  3. I'm not sure what sort of an upgrade you are looking for, but there is an Amphibico EVO Pro with an HC1 for sale on ebay right now. I have my A1 in this housing, and really like it. There is also a review by Wagsy for this setup. The HC1 would make a good topside camera (no MWB). It is used, so make sure to ask questions of the seller if interested.
  4. Glad to hear that wagsy. My A1 has server me well, and I'm surprised it does not get more consideration. I guess it is a bit more expensive than the HC9 and the SR12, especially when rebates are not available. I really like the manual white balance and being able to assign it to a single push button. I don't think it's low light abilites are any worst than the HC7, HC9, and others of comparable form factor size from the videos I've seen. The small size makes it easy to travel with, and I've been very happy with the video from it, but it will never compare to the 3 chip cameras. However, considering it has been on the market for about 3 years, I think it is still a strong performer. Personally I still like the tape option, since I feel that the memory stick/harddrive formats are still changing. In a couple of years, I'll probably go away from tape, but not yet.
  5. Does not look like all nations were represented.... Or were they eliminated in the semi-finals?
  6. OK, I've got a couple of amature questions. Is there a difference between rendering and encoding? I'm using Vegas Pro 8. I drop my *.m2t clips on the timeline to edit, and the result is a .veg file. I've been rendering from the file menu in Vegas, but I don't see an option for FLASH. Can I use an encoder like "medicoder" or "super" directly with the .veg file to obtain a FLASH format? Or do I render the .veg file in Vegas first? If I need to render in Vegas first, which format should I use to obtain the best results with one of the encoders mentioned? Thanks for any advice offered. Vic
  7. It is a monument to Christopher Columbus. This was supposed to be the first place he landed in the area. It has dates and names of his ships on it from what I could see.
  8. We spent the week of Christmas 2007 aboard the Caribbean Explorer 1, and I've finally posted a video on You Tube, if you want to take a peek. Vic
  9. Mike- Very nice, and very steady. The color and clarity is wonderful, great detail, and edited like you must do this alot. I'll give you five stars. Any tricks for keeping steady? Especially when on Macro? Vic
  10. That looks like the lid organizer for a pelican 1510 that you have mounted in the lid. How did you attach it? I'm looking to do the same thing. Thanks, Vic
  11. Tell us more... I can't wait to try them out, but don't have a "real" trip planned till the end of December. Which Cyan filters do you use, also what camera and housing are you using. Thanks for the info. Vic
  12. Mike- Where did you find the black plastic pipe you used for your floats, or did you paint it black? Thanks for any info. Vic
  13. OK, Here are some pictures. Took me awhile to find the browse since the attachments edtior was collapsed.
  14. Tried to register on the new web site, but the security codes are too hard to read. I keep trying, but continue to get the error "Security code did not match". Ive tried several times, with no luck. Have tried matching the capital and non-capital letters, but I'm not even sure they are the right letters, since they are so deformed.
  15. Just bought a set of SunRay 2000's and the GAS adapter to hook them up to my Amphibico EVO Pro housing. I had to make some washers for the provided screws, since they bottomed out in the housing. I've also ordered more links for the arms, since I'd like to have them about 5 links longer. I have a rigid foam float covered with fiberglass that I made to use with my old Amphibico Halogen light set, but the 2000's are about 2lbs heavier underwater, so I'm going to need two lengths of 1-1/2" PVC pipe attached to the battery pods to get close to neutral (still about 8oz negative in a salt water swimming pool). Is there an easy way to insert a .JPG picture into a post, or does it have to have a URL link? Vic
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