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  1. Hi, I am selling my housing. I donĀ“t have time anymore unfortunately. The housing is in good condition and works perfect, have never had any problems at all. I am willing to let it go for a very good price since it just taking up space at home and its a pity it dosent get used. I will ship to the buyer from Gothenburg, Sweden with the speditor you prefer. We have a contract with TNT and DHL at my job so i can get a good price for that cost. MY PRICE: 850USD. NEW PRICE: 3 000USD. First come, first serve. PS i also have a port for a 60mm and a sea&sea YS110 strobe that i am willing to let go for a cheep price DS. Best Regards Ola Karlsson olakarlsson2@gmail.com
  2. Hi, My name is Ola. I use Nauticam with Nikon D7000. Manly macro. Best regards Ola Karlsson
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