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  1. This article from B&H suggests that the form factor is identical to the Mk1 but that there have been minor changes to the positioning of certain controls: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/photography/hands-on-review/in-the-field-with-the-panasonic-lumix-dc-lx100-ii?utm_medium=Email%201688815&utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_source=Newsletter%20180822&utm_content=Explora&utm_term=panasonic-limix-readmore&encEmail=AFFCAC64261DA1F42872E66DDB4BE6C0597A91A4176649648940838E37E89DD9 Even if it fits my Ikelite housing, I do not see a compelling reason to upgrade for use as a video camera. That said, I may pick up a second Mk1 at a reduced price to have a spare on hand.
  2. I am going back to Roatan next week and will finally have a chance to test out my V4K pros. I couldn't dive on my last trip due to a massive sinus infection. I am looking forward to sharing some samples here (of the video, not the infection )
  3. Other options that you might consider are a GX85 in a Nauticam housing or a G85 in an Ikelite housing. These cameras are limited to 4K UHD at 30fps but, then again, so is the AX700. On the other hand, they are well over half the cost of a GH5 body and are considerably smaller and lighter. With both systems, you could acquire the camera, housing, ports and gears for an Olympus 9-18mm and a Panasonic 60mm macro for around $4,000. That would leave you with ample budget to house the kit lens or add a CMC and flip holder for super macro. Note that the Ikelite ports are AF only, which may not be an issue for you given that you are comparing to a camcorder alternative. Nauticam also offers a lot more port options, which may or may not be a good thing for you and your budget. Finally, I should add that I have no experience diving either of these cameras. I have an LX100 in an Ikelite housing. However, I shoot a G85 above the water and absolutely love it. Dual IS (IBIS + a Power OIS lens) is very sweet, especially on long lenses!
  4. Very interesting film. The macro shots are great, especially considering how cold you must have been. Too extreme for me!
  5. Some nice steady shots there, especially since there seems to have been a pretty strong surge. It's amazing what can be done with a GoPro in the right hands!
  6. Sorry to hear about your bad experience at FIBR, Kristoph2008. The resort has a beautiful beach and an easy shore dive but, otherwise, you could not pay me to stay there. That said, it must have been absolutely splendid in its prime. We are lucky in that we own a condo on Roatan and travel there several times per year. So, I only need to wait a few more months before getting back at it. In the meantime, I will keep polishing my new lights and dreaming about making more fish porn!
  7. Extremely sharp images. I really liked the minimalist lighting in the black water shots. To my knowledge, this may also be the first underwater video to feature a super macro fetus. I'm not gonna ask how he got that shot.
  8. Incredible biodiversity. Loved the mantas. Did you hand feed that blacktip at 2:13?
  9. Awesome film, Pajjpen! Sharp focus and great stability. I am curious to know how much of this was captured using a tripod vs. freehand. I loved the supermacro shots of the seahorse at 2:04 and the wire coral shrimp at 3:34. I also really liked the nudibranch shots starting at 2:31 where they stand out against the dark background. I am sure that Dustin Adamson would be proud! Your filming skills are much greater than mine so I do not have any advice to offer in that regard. However, as a viewer, I like to see some action shots interspersed with the still macro footage to liven up the pace. I also like a few establishing shots above and below the water to set the context. You have a lot of great footage so I imagine that you may have foregone this to keep your film under the 4-minute mark. In any case, great work!
  10. Scubalamp mainly sells direct on AliExpress and Ebay for their own brands. I see current listings on both sites for a variety of their products. The Glowdive 12000 is definitely a private label version of the V6K.
  11. There's always a bigger slug ... Thanks for sharing this awesome behaviour video. Great work!
  12. I have been in Roatan all week and, unfortunately, most of my family has the flu and cannot dive. I am so congested that I can't even taste my food let alone equalize. So, I won't be able to play with my new toys until the summer. Well, at least I am not at work!
  13. I had been considering this option myself. Over the past year, I have seen a few Gates / AX-100 combos with multiple ports on the resale market in the USD2,500 range. That said, I would still favour a used GH4 for the superior image quality, excellent MWB and ability to re-use lenses in a future upgrade. The GH4 is also a much more versatile rig for above the water.
  14. Is the A7III going to suffer from the same white balance issues that seem to plague other Sony cameras? Seems like this was a deal breaker on previous generations.
  15. Really nice work, bubffm. Incredible biodiversity and a beautiful location. Looks like the trip of a lifetime!
  16. I have the V4K Pro, which is only 7600 lumens but advertises a 90 minute burn time. I have not yet been able to corroborate this since everything is frozen over here in Canada. I will be in Roatan in early March and plan to share some video when I get the chance.
  17. I have a pair of BigBlue 2600 lumen lights that I use for macro video. They are are solidly built and are a really good value. However, battery life is about half of what is advertised. After about an hour, the output seems to cut in half making them largely unusable. I have heard that this is an issue across most of their product line and it was a key factor in my decision to move away from BigBlue when I upgraded. I actually considered the VL6000's but ended up purchasing a pair of Scubalamp V4K Pros. They are a big step up from the BigBlue's in terms of output (7600 lumen), light quality (92 CRI) and burn time (90 minutes). I haven't had a chance to dive with them yet but the build quality is excellent for the price. I find them to be very similar to the Kraken 8000's in terms of build quality and specs. I will be diving them in early March and will share some video when I get the chance.
  18. That's some really nice colour grading. Well done! I have the freeware version of resolve sitting on my laptop but I haven't had enough time to dig into it. Your edit is inspiring me to give it a shot!
  19. The battery pack is a sealed unit with a dedicated charger. The "pro" version contains 8 18650 cells and the regular version contains 4. Additional battery packs can be purchased separately but I did not go there due to cost. Also, I have a second set of lights I can switch to for macro stuff.
  20. Thanks for sharing the results of your testing. You may want to try some more testing of MWB without the red filter (I only saw one clip where you tried this). In my experience with the LX100, I can get good results with MWB in ambient light down to 40-50 feet, depending on visibility, and with the sun at my back. Below this, I set my white balance to the colour temperature of my video lights.
  21. Scubalamp does not seem to have established much of a retail network. They list their products on AliExpress and eBay and their asking prices seem to fluctuate quite a bit. I purchased my V4K Pros off eBay and got a good discount off the asking price using "make an offer."
  22. Thanks for sharing your beautiful video @TaxiDiver14. The quality of the light is really nice. Colours are vivid and really pop against thedeep blue backgrounds. I note that you are using an A7RII. Are you white balancing to the temperature of the lights?
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