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  1. For your first attempt at video, this was pretty darn good. Well done!
  2. So, I purchased a pair of V4K Pros from Scubalamp via e-bay. Solid transaction. They paid shipping from China to Canada by FedEx and pre-paid all duties/taxes. The package arrived in about 4 working days. It was very well packed and each light and charger came in a custom case with a fitted foam cut-out. The lights are very well engineered with a sealed head and a twist-off 8x18650 battery pack with a double o-ring. It features a single-press switch that is illuminated to indicate power level. Charge time is about 2 hours, as advertised. I have no way of confirming output but I find them to be extremely bright with a very wide beam angle on land. Unfortunately, I won't be diving again until March, so I will not be able to report on real-world performance until then. I will share my impressions once I get them wet.
  3. Really impressive video. The detail is astonishing in 4K. I'm amazed that you can maintain that level of stability shooting handheld macro. Kudos!
  4. Several retailers offer a compact and inexpensive package that includes an Olympus housing, YS-03 strobe, fibre optic cable, tray and locline arm. My wife uses this setup with the TG-4 and has been very happy with it. If you plan to upgrade to a mirrorless or DSLR setup in the future, you may wish to invest in a higher quality strobe now to avoid rebuying.
  5. Thank you, SwiftFF5! I still have a lot to learn, but I feel that I am improving.
  6. Very impressive film. I loved your opening shots, which really established the mood. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with SUPE / Scubalamp video lights? More specifically, with the V6K and V4K series? The manufacturer claims output of 12000 lumen for the V6K and 7600 lumen for the V4K. Both lights are 96 CRI at 5500K. The standard battery pack is 4x18650 and the pro is 8x18650. I found that the company is a Chinese manufacturer called Kolta Electronics. They market a wide range of tactical lights under the Crelant brand, which are commonly found on eBay and Aliexpress. They have also been manufacturing OEM dive lights for several years and began marketing the Scubalamp brand in 2015. In 2016, they rebranded as SUPE and have been present at both DEMA and ADEX. To my eye, the V6K and V4K look to be quite well engineered and offering excellent value. They are functionally similar to the I-Torch Video Pro, Kraken Hydra and Fix Aqualight series. More info can be found here: http://www.scubalamp.com/products//photo-video-lights/v6k-pro-12000-lumens-100.html-100.html
  8. This video is a compilation of ten dives from our latest trip to Roatán, Honduras in August 2017. We started off with an amazing excursion to Morat Wall and Pigeon Key with Dive Pangea Roatán. These secluded reefs see very little dive traffic and offer endless fields of gorgeous soft coral. We followed this up with dives at many our favourite sites such as Cemetary Wall, Gold Chain Reef, Enchanted Forest, French Cay Cut, John’s Spot and Pirate’s Point with our good friends at Barefoot Divers This was my second trip using my new 4K video rig and I am much happier with the results. On the whole, my custom white balance was more even and I had less autofocus issues than my first trip. I also explored macro video for the first time and obtained some usable footage. Next time, I will be sure to bring a tripod. I hope you enjoy it! https://youtu.be/nAQXCPkQMf4
  9. Great video! You have beautifully showcased a variety of flora and fauna that most of us will never get to see. Your use of lighting and fantastic cinematography really make this video stand out. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Spectacular! Really nice mix of aerial, wide and macro shots and a great diversity of critters. I really enjoyed this.
  11. Great post @kc_moses. It is certainly cheaper to house the LX-10 with Nauticam. The Ikelite housing is even cheaper at $550 but has no TTL circuitry . I agree that it is an excellent P/S option for someone looking to buy their first underwater camera or upgrade from a GoPro. That said, I don't think the LX10 is a trade-up from the LX100. It has a smaller sensor, less dynamic range and less manual control. The longer lens is certainly nice but both cameras require diopters for super macro.
  12. Or, they stayed with their trusty LX100. I don't see a compelling reason to upgrade. In fact, it strikes me as more of a downgrade.
  13. FOR SALE: Sony HDR-CX580v and Ikelite housing with flat port for Raynox HDS-680, standard port and many other accessories. The camcorder shoots FHD 1080p video at up to 60fps and uses a 1/3.91" CMOS sensor and optical stabilization for excellent image quality. The flat ports accommodates a Raynox conversion lens for wide angle video and allows the full range of 12X optical zoom. This was my first upgrade over the GoPro 3+ and I really enjoyed the improved image quality, image stabilization and ability to shoot wide and macro with the same kit. I have since moved on to a 4K setup so I no longer have any need for it. This package includes the following items: - Sony HDR-CX580v camcorder, charger and USB cable - Raynox HDS-680 wide conversion lens - Sony NP-FV50 battery - DSTE NP-FV100 battery (x2) - DSTE AC battery charger - Ikelite Housing for Sony HDR-CS580v, PJ580 (6038.55) - Ikelite Flat Port for Raynox HDS-680 (9306.1) - Ikelite Red Filter for 3.6" Port (6441.42) - Ikelite Neoprene Port Cover for 3.6" Port/Dome - Ikelite Standard Port - Ikelite Red Filter for 3" Port (6441.41) - Ikelite 1" Ball Mount (x2) - Ikelite spare mirror (9290.94) - Ikelite spare o-rings (0109) (x4) All items are in excellent condition except for the tray handles, where the paint has chipped off in several places. The lenses, ports and filters are in pristine condition with no scratches. The housing has only been used for about 25 dives. It has been rinsed in fresh water after every dive and has been carefully stored in a Pelican case. I am asking US$1,250 and will sell only as a package. I will ship worldwide from Canada and you will pay actual cost. I will only accept payment in advance by PayPal gift. Please post here or start a conversation if you would like additional information. Thanks!
  14. Really nice. I love your wide shots of the reef. The colours are spectacular. Some pretty well-fed nurse sharks in there as well. Reminds me of my old labrador retriever!
  15. Impressive! Your graded footage really pops! I am also keen to try Resolve but I find the interface to be daunting. I simply don't have enough free time to sit around and play with it to get comfortable.
  16. LOL I can imagine! Those things have a nasty bite and are apparently very fast!
  17. That was great! I thought your white balance was very good, especially considering all the complaints I have seen from other Sony users. I loved your komodo shots as well. That must have been very exciting.
  18. Great video with an important message. Thanks for sharing this quality production!
  19. I have no idea what is required to produce these effects. I did note, from the RX0 promo materials, that Sony is developing a multi-unit wireless control system for release in January. Presumably, this will come with software that can "stitch" together images from multiple units into a single file for import into any NLE. It's kind of a moot point for me since I can barely afford one RX0, let alone the 30 that would be required for one second of bullet-time video.
  20. That is exactly what I had in mind @DavideDB. I am not surprised that the guys at Gombessa have already tried it. They are nuts!
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