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  1. RE: 4K I personally think that it is very important and that we are on the cusp of seeing more widespread adoption. The difference in image quality is astounding, whether displayed in native 4K or downscaled to 1080p. I recall having a similar reaction when we moved from SD to HD formats and, of course, now we would never go back. I suspect that the RX0 shoots only FHD to limit file size and maximize clip length in super slomo. If it shot 4K 960 fps, it would fill an SD card in a matter of minutes, which would be impractical in any circumstance.
  2. The primary features of the RX0 are high quality FHD video at up to 960 fps with multi-camera control. This seems to be targeting the action sports market to showcase rad moves in excruciating detail with super slomo, bullet-time and time-slice effects. I don't see any mention of a custom white balance setting and most of the video quality options are available on capable compacts. As such, I don't see a good value proposition for a single RX0 unit versus a GoPro or compact. A stationary multi-camera setup could be really interesting for filming fast action sequences underwater (e.g., sharks feeding), however, the cost will be prohibitive for enthusiasts. I guess this is why Sony refers to it as a "pro level action camera."
  3. Great choice! My wife uses the TG-4 with the Olympus housing and she really likes it. She has also been contemplating the screen magnifier. If you get it, please share your experience with it. I note that it is not available on the Olympus Canada site. I think you would have to go with an American supplier such as Backscatter, Optical Ocean Sales, etc.
  4. That was stunning! Thank you very much for sharing!
  5. Spectacular video! Trip of a lifetime!
  6. Thanks for the update and for the lowdown on your setup @Basil. I really enjoyed your film. I am also loving the LX100 and hope to upload some 4K video from my last trip to Roatán in the next few weeks.
  7. Thanks for the tips @kc_moses. I am using an LX100 in an Ikelite housing (which is why I asked). I have been using the Ikelite WD-4 dome due to the lack of a 67mm thread on the housing. It still looks good to my eyes and budget!
  8. I have a pair of BigBlue ALX2600s which use the BATTCELL26650 battery. The ones you linked are the same amperage and voltage as mine. As such, I expect that they would work just fine.
  9. Very nice video, Basil! Looks like an amazing trip. Did you shoot this on the LX100?
  10. Thanks for the point-by-point response! Of all the cameras you have listed, only the RX100 is capable of 4K video. Again, I have no direct experience with this camera but another forum user, Interceptor121, has worked with it extensively. I understand that it is a very capable stills camera but that video is held back a 5-minute limit on 4K clips as well as poor white balance performance. Interceptor121 shoots exclusively with a red filter. You may wish to check out his blog here: http://interceptor121.com Another consideration for 4K video is the Olympus TG-5. I have only read the reviews on it but my wife uses the TG-4 in the Olympus housing for stills and really loves the microscope mode (macro without the need for diopters). As Ran indicated above, this combination would allow you to repurpose your UWL-04. In my view, this is a great option from a price/value perspective. My last suggestion for 4K video is the Panasonic LX100 (or the newer LX10). I just started using the LX100 and find it to be very capable for video with excellent manual white balance. It is basically a point-and-shoot version of the GH4. You may wish to check this out as well. Good luck!
  11. Hi @thiago. I sent you a PM regarding the lights and spare batteries. Thanks!
  12. Hi @mintakax. I will take the lights and accessories if they are not sold. I sent you a PM. Thanks!
  13. Hi Sarah. I understand your confusion. The range of options can be absolutely dizzying. Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with any of the cameras you are looking at so I will just offer a few questions/comments to help you refine your choice. 1. What are your objectives? Are you primarily focused on photo or video? Do you mainly shoot wide angle or macro? What are the weaknesses of your current setup that you wish to overcome? Understanding this will help you to narrow down your selection based on the relative strengths of various cameras. Furthermore, while you may be able to build a jack-of-all-trades system, you will most likely not be able be to configure for all situations on a given dive. 2. What is your budget? This will most likely be the key determinant of whether you should stick with a compact or could upgrade to mirrorless. The former may allow you to save money by repurposing your wet lenses, whereas the latter will require a significant investment in lenses and ports, over and above the cost of the camera and the housing. 3. Do you wish to shoot 4K video? If so, this will significantly reduce the number of options at your disposal. Bear in mind that you will also need to have a sufficiently capable computer, editing software, monitor and ample storage to manage a 4K workflow. Make sure to factor these costs into your budget. I hope that this helps.
  14. I cut my Canadian cable subscription several years ago so I am not well positioned to speak to current programming. That said, I vividly remember when Discovery Channel aired a Shark Week mockumentary suggesting that prehistoric megalodons were still prowling the ocean depths. While this might be a fun premise for a B-rated horror movie, Discovery tried to pass it off as a real, unstaged production. It was so blatantly deceptive that I tuned them out and have never looked back.
  15. For macro video, you can set your white balance to the colour temperature of the lights (e.g., 6500K). If your camera does not allow you to do this, you can also MWB on a neutral target with your lights already on the area you are targeting.
  16. That's great advice @kc_moses. I never seem to have enough "b-roll" so my films tend to thrust the viewer into the depths too quickly and without context. I am going to work on this during my next dive holiday later this month!
  17. Spectacular video! I love your topwater edits and music selection.
  18. Congrats on your purchase! That's a nice piece of kit! I am also a video shooter but my budget limited me to the LX-100 in an Ikelite housing (ostensibly the compact version of your rig). I am sure that you will be very pleased with the results. I look forward to seeing your footage!
  19. I would also encourage you to look at the Olympus TG-4. I purchased one for my wife with a PT-056 housing and a YS-03 strobe and she loves it. This is an inexpensive, easy to use and very portable rig that takes great fish portraits and macro shots. My only caution would be that the manual white balance is very poor. As such, I do not find it to be well suited to wide angle photo/video.
  20. I have a pair of bigblue 2600 lumen lights that I use for macro video and night diving. They are very well built and are quite affordable. Burn times are as advertised but there appears to be a considerable drop off in output at the midpoint. They came with a yellow CTO filter which is helpful for night dives.
  21. Great macro shots and fantastic editing! This is a very entertaining video.
  22. Hi from Canada! I have been diving for about two years while on vacation at our condo in Roatan, Honduras. I am very much into underwater video while my wife leans more toward photography. We started with GoPros and quickly moved up to a Sony HDR-CX580 (his) and an Olympus TG-4 (hers). Tempted by the allure of 4K video and staggering image quality, I have recently upgraded to a Panasonic LX100. Unfortunately, our next trip is not until July so I will be shooting melting snow until then (assuming that winter will ever end). I have been lurking on this forum for some time and have found it to be extremely helpful. I look forward to participating more actively as I get my act together!
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