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  1. Thank you! I've ordered some up and will be testing it this weekend. Very helpful.
  2. Hey folks, I'm shooting with a Sea & Sea MDX7 housing with an 8" port. I have the system pretty much neutrally buoyant (stix floats on the strobe arms), but it's not trimmed properly. The dome makes it so floaty in the front that my wrists are tired at the end of the dive, and I find myself fighting the rig from twisting up. It also throws my dive trim off as I'm fighting this, forcing me to the keep the camera under the center of my body. Any tips?
  3. I live in a dusty area and have a dog, so was looking for a good way to store all of my camera gear between use that would keep the dust out, while keeping it accessible and nicely displayed. I found that they make filtered cabinets that allow you to keep your gear on display that also control the humidity. My question in this: Removing humidity from the air for lenses and general camera equipment is good. Would this be bad to put my ports/housing/etc in there because of the o-rings? Would it dry them out and make them more likely to crack?
  4. Had a request to sell the vacuum port and leak detector separate if someone wants to buy the housing for the AMAZING price of $400. Let me know and I'll let all parties know. Else I'm not going to part it out.
  5. @Algwyn Thank you kindly. I just got back from the camera shop with a white balance card to take on my next dive. I also ended up sort of compromising by getting a sync cable so I can shoot manual (instead of TTL) and getting the lens. My wallet hurts sooo much! Thank you everyone for the replies.
  6. Also willing to part things out @ around 60% of cost. Nauticam housing w/vacuum: $750 Tray w/both handles: $100 Ball mounts: $50 (both) Dyron Super Wide: $200
  7. @Algwyn Wow, this is great information I should practice regardless. Question for you. When taking pictures of a white balance slate, does it matter the distance from you, or only that it is at a similar depth? Is adjusting the white balance on the camera enough, or is shooting the photo of the slate that much better? Thanks! Still getting better with my post-processing, so this could be a really good lesson/challenge for me.
  8. It's just the optical converter I need .. which is harder to rent since it's camera and housing specific. Good suggestion though.
  9. I am currently mid rig upgrade, and it's running more than originally anticipated (surprise surprise) and have to make a trade-off. I have a Nikon Z6 with a Sea & Sea housing, and thought I'd be able to use my old Sea & Sea strobes without anything specific since it came with a trigger. Well, it's an electrical trigger and my strobes and cables are optical. Also, my nauticam ball mounts I thought would swap over and won't. So I find myself considering whether I should get the 14-30mm wide angle lens I was planning to shoot (have zoom gear) and just shoot ambient light for awhile, or just shoot my 24-70 kit lens (no zoom gear available yet) and buy the optical trigger and ball mounts for my strobes. I mostly prefer wide angle photography and I dive in the colder socal waters. My next dive is going to be sea lions south of San Diego this weekend. What would you do? Gets the strobes operational and use my kit lens at fixed length or get the wide angle glass and shoot ambient? All feedback, and comments welcome. Even those telling me I'm an idiot for not adding correctly and planning :p.
  10. Nauticam RX100 IV Housing ($995.00 + tax new) Nauticam Flex Tray w/left handle ($150 + tax new) Nauticam Right Handle ($46 + tax new) Naticam ball mounts ($40x2 + tax new) Dyron Super Wide Angle Lens ($499.95 + tax new) (slight fleck of coating missing, not evident in my photos) Vacuum port + pump ($250 + tax new) $2020 new. Looking for $1000 + shipping, or local pickup in Los Angeles, CA. I just made the leap to a Nikon Z6 from this compact setup. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into, and already miss this sweet RX100 system.
  11. Thank you everyone for all of the feedback, I've learned a lot from this post. I'll follow up when I get all of my new gear and let you know where I landed.
  12. I currently have an RX100 IV with a Nauticam housing and Sea & Sea Strobes. I went this direction to see if I liked UW photography, and I do but I have some issues with my current setup. Mainly the autofocus is ridiculously slow and low light photography is near impossible. I dive mostly in cold kelp forests of California waters where light can be an issue. I have been looking at mirrorless options and am torn between the A6400 and the A7RIII. I was steered towards the A6400 by people who raved about the AF. I am considering the A7RIII because I don't want to regret my decision yet again and have to go through the whole housing/port/camera/lens upgrade. Additionally, I'm considering an Ikelite housing and was wondering what people's thoughts are. People around here rant and rave about the Nauticam housing ergonomics but I honestly didn't find it amazing or anything (at least on mine). Am I looking in the right direction? Anything else I should be considering? What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear some opinions from people with more experience. (Also looked at the Nikon Zs since they have a good trade-in value right now .. but those housings are soooo expensive)
  13. I am located in Santa Monica, CA Yes, still available.
  14. <15 dives | Original Packaging | Great Condition Sony RX100 IV ($849.99 + tax new) Nauticam RX100 IV Housing ($995.00 + tax new) Dyron Super Wide Angle Lens ($499.95 + tax new) 2 extra batteries Pelican case for camera + charger + batteries Sony Premium Jacket leather case Camera includes a transferrable warranty from Best Buy $2000 Moving to a mirrorless setup
  15. Hello from Santa Monica. I got into underwater photography about a year ago, and am here to learn more!
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