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  1. I've got lots of Nikon gear so I am not really open to the other folks out there. I am new to underwater photography and just want to mees around with it when I go to HI next month. I'm looking for a basic set up d70, light, housing, maybe a lens? Would love a housing for my D1x/h or d2x/h but am guessing those are out of my price range. Let me know if your interested in selling...
  2. I've got a fair range of nikon glass and am thinking of picking up a d70 for underwater & vacation use. What lens is a good all around lens under water?
  3. Can you provide a bit more detail on whats available?
  4. hmmm, I think would perfer digital but it sounds like film might be a better option for my budget? Should I look for a f100 housing (I still have one) or would I be better off getting a Nikonos V or something off ebay for $300 + a strobe?
  5. So how much do I need to spend on a housing? What are considered solid brands that I might be able to get most of my money back out of if I want to sell them after the trip? If need be I would be willing to get a d70 or something I guess if the housing is any cheaper? Are those enclosures good enough or would I be better off with a dedicated underwater light?
  6. Here is my story... I am a full time photographer (land). I've been to HI and a few islands several times now and have been frustraited not being able to really take any underwater pictures. We have decided to go back this year and I really want to spend a few days messing around with this. I don't see this as something I will use more then once or twice a year. So far my only experence (with a dslr camera underwater) has been with the underwater bag things & a swimming pool & a light up top, this gets me some neat shots that sell well at swim meets. Anyway I would not mind setting aside a budget of around $1500 to try this endevor. I shoot nikon so I have lots of Nikon lenes & dslr bodys (d1x/h & d2x/h). Ideally I would not like to have to buy any new lens/body combo. I would perfer to put my money towards lights and a housing unit. What should I be looking for? Can I come up with anything for this budget (I don't mind buying used)?
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