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  1. Hi! I have two Nikonos SB105 with 1.25" ball arms, in an Ikelite housing (D800). Since I don't get along the original tray, I'm going to another one has the same ball arm style, but with 1" balls. Anyone has a clue of how to connect SB's on 1" ball arm? Thanks!! Sorry! I meam NIkon Sb105; the flash
  2. Hi =) Need some help with my D800 housing. I've got it for around 4 years and it's all fine and perfect. The only thing is that the handle - specially on the right side - feels to far from the housing, making a bit hard for me to reach all the knobs on the side and back of the housing. Been surviving with that along the years, but now I had enough. he he he. Are there alternative handles that would fit the housing? Any suggestions? Thanks! Fernando
  3. Greetings from Vancouver! =D I've been wetting my cameras for around 5y, and just moved to BC! Hope to find some new friends and learn a lot! =D From time to time, you can see my histories published in magazines. Keep an eye !
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