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  1. Geese Simon. Thanks for the fasinating insight into behind the scene of the tech diving world. Great to know from an operator's perspective. User as well. I have always resisted getting into this rebreather thing partly due to the fact that I am always too preoccupied with UW imagining and the equipment on hand. I guess I should take a fresh look into this. I lke the idea of fishes ignoring you! cheers D
  2. Nice! Finally a working housing with the Shogun and A7s.Even more remarkable is that the housing prototype was ready before the Atomos Shogun recorder. I finally got mine Shogun and I can't wait to get the housing. I hope the final version is not too bulky. Both A7s and Gh4 housing are nice and compact. I have been shooting the A7s for a few months in just HD along with the Gh4. Gh4 has been fantastic with in camera 4k which is comparable to Canon 1Dc as the only DSLR type camera that could do that. I was dying to see the Ultra HD footage compared with the Gh4. The low light ability and DR of the A7s is just remarkable even at 8bit 422. Interesting days for UW video shooters.
  3. Rear view Go Pro. You don't want to missed recording sharks sneaking up do you? .....with hint of sarcasm frog fish. Must be the pre- new year booze hang over:)
  4. Nice legs! Those are nice XIT 404 tripod legs and base plate. Expensive but I stock them too. Not sure how long your focus rail will last in sea water. I like the lightness but I think it need to be beefed up to hold a housing without wobble. Which you know as much as I do will be detectable for macro video. I made my unit for my own experiment but I do custom build for others. You could PM me on info@scubacam.com.sg I made the slider simple as possible and as rigid as possible except for one axis. It is made of standard parts. Marine grade aluminium and stainless steel. The tray and legs are from my own product range and they interchange and snap on like Lego (or Meccano Toys for older people like me). If this works I may made 360 "turntable". Everything has to withstabd sea water. So thinking of using ceramic bearings. Anyway back to this unit. In use it is again very simple. There is a thumbscrew that adjust the tension of the slider plate and these are nylon friction plates. I apply some crystal lupe to help smooth out movement. Critical focus is achieved by steadying the housing on the rail and use one's arm to apply the right amount of force. This method saves me breath holding. I have a few more bits to attach to this. Not least the top hung version and the curved rail. I could make some but really it is not a huge market for these things. If you want one made or want to go DIY let me know. Cheers and Happy New Year David
  5. Seacam 1ds housing. Dropped from 6 m into a ravine and bounced off a large rock into shallow river bed. Proceeded to tumble another 10 m until it got wedged between two rocks. Needless to say the dome was scratched beyond repair but to my surprise housing has only minor scratches. I did have my vacuum check on. happened 8 years ago. Now I never let a housing sit on a flowing river never mind how shallow.
  6. Dragon is out on loan but the Shogun screen is pretty neat with the A7s. Both Red and Shogun have similar dots per inch but the Shogun has about 180 deg viewing angle (strange why you need 180- can't really see from the edge) and Red LCD is approx 90 deg. Red 5" pro touch has 1920 x 1136 with 323 ppi Shogun has 1920 x 1200 with 325 ppi Comes with the Atomos Spyder colour calibration unit. Atomos gives these free for early birds. I can't wait to get the housing and start some dive tests. And fix up the UW slider to work for both GH4 and A7s housing. I have to get a few gigs out of these babies. Cheers
  7. I find that the slider with the mini-tripod legs works best in the sand/muddy sites at Lembeh. Longer ball legs could be used if need be. I also have a longer version of the slide body for linear pan shots which I can swap. A curve track for circular pans is in the works. Well by now you must think why all this fuss for UW video? Since the water already provide the necessary "dampened" movement for video. Well yes and no. In ideal conditions yes and with proper buoyancy control and breathing. More often than not when shooting macro video every movement is amplified. In extreme macro even shallow breathing is noticeable in the footage. Often things move and goes out of focus. These will need to be corrected in post which means more work. More jump cuts. Anyway it is what I believe how I could get steady panning and also critical focus for macro stuff especially when the wee critter moves away. I will post a short video next and show just how steady this allows for tracking tiny stuff. Not perfect yet and still need tonnes of tweaking and some more test dives......so far I am happy with the initial results. Lastly to get the best out of the GH4 and Sony A7s one needs the Atomos Shogun and with this layout I could also attached the Shogun housing behind the camera housing making it more balanced and handles more like a conventional videocamera housing. Cheers and thanks for reading. Happy 2015
  8. I used a GH4 Nauticam housing and I did not have Shogun housing (just today I have the Atomos Shogun) so I use the Gates TVL F55 external monitor case for a mock up. As a slider it works pretty much well for close up wide angle and close up shots but not so much for extreme macro. The base gets in the way. For extreme macro I need to top hung the slide and replace the handle which for most of the mirrorless housing that seems possible as long as the housing has few threaded holes for a handle or cheese plate. Anyway here is what I mean......
  9. Hello all and hope all is well for 2015 I have been hinting for a month or so on a device I've been working on. A slider for UW housings of sorts. I was originally made this for extreme macro work for a lens with 5X magnifications (no not the Canon MP65).....A friend with a very large video camera that shoots very low resolution video is shooting with that. I spent five days at the Lembeh Straits learning best to use this slider and it turned out not what I expected in a pleasant way. So without further ado I reveal what this contraption looks like.....
  10. Hey part 2 you gotta show that juice sucking 'predator' bug!
  11. You are a brave man letting a white pointer bump your port like that Simon. Is that taken on Rodney Fox boat? Brilliant footage.
  12. Peter you could write a little guide. I am sure this should be shared. In the spirit of what Wetpixel stands for. One other way is have a low light video camera like the three chip type and shoot ambient. Find the correct white balance card. Your are stuck if you do close up or dim light so it's back to using video light. Until of course selective colour balancing is possible during live shoot. It is not impossible. UW mode already exist in some cameras albeit still very crude. Cheers David
  13. Hey Peter Unless you met a rookie behind the desk like the one at manado..... Yup I agree SQ flights I carry almost 20kg on my Thinktank on my back and a hand camera back. Just a pleasant chat and smile. work wonders
  14. You're a walking advertisement for Nauticam Eunjae.......LOL
  15. You don't really need ND underwater well depends if you are near the surface - then you need graduated filter. Talking about filters I think Peter has been playing around with colour filters on the video lights to balance the subject light with the background colour balance. I will see him at NAD to test out these things. Will let you know. Yes no problem making a fiber optic snoot. I only make them custom order to specific needs. You could even DIY with your background as a designer cheers David
  16. Yes. Can't comment until have have one but I don't think thats final version. That shogun housing is quite big. cheers David
  17. Use a dive torch and place it behind the subject if possible. Use a cover and experiment with different aperture cut out of the cover and lighting levels. I tried it many times and works like a treat. A small mirror or cd rom works but need a light shining on it. Cost very little to do. Alternatively a fibre optic snoot attached to a light on a gorilla pod. For key lights try anything reflective and diffused as long as it works.
  18. I have something like a cheese plate which I just knock up for my trip next week. Its more of a slider but will work as a mounting platform. Good thing is it has three tripod balls for clamps and ball arms turning it into a tripod and slider. Fold down when not needed. I will do some test and photo write up if it works. My embarrassingly shaky extreme macro video hopefully will be less shaky. It could mount a Shogun housing in a traditional video housing fashion. Peter and I did discuss the possibility of docking the shogun directly via the back plate. I need to do some mock up first and see if that is feasible. A combined Shogun and A7s or GH4 "housing " would make a lot of sense for video shooters. Better trim and handling. Of course others prefer the monitor on the top approach. Nothing wrong with that either. Hey Nick when are you going to visit my chop shop :0) LOL
  19. Sorry for chipping in. Not that I know of. would be nice if the new Go Pro 4 has some manual control. It seems that is not the case. As intented these cameras are used in a limited way. Interesting to see gadget manufacturers keep making "add-on" to stretch the limitation of the thing. Some results are pretty good for what it is. I am guilty of that with every Go Pro I used. I always change something. A new Lens or a filters etc but at the end of the day if something that has to work I get or hire a reliable camcorder for the task. I wouldn't expect miracles from the footage. May be I am just lousy and lazy with post production.
  20. Its amazing what you could go with Go Pros these days. Well done. I think this is a great testament to the old adage "a great video is not what camera you have it is more how you use it" .... well something like that. thanks for sharing
  21. LoL.... You should see my 5x lens on a GH4 (its like 10x). I have a slider made for it. I will be bringing some suitable UW microscopes. Even microscope fish eye if I could finish on time. Please keep these beasties well and make sure they have many friends.....maybe tiny offsprings I am so looking forward to seeing this Melibe....fingers crossed until Decemeber.
  22. Blah no Singapore Atomos distributor have any Shogun! Philip Bloom is testing one so I wait in anticipation what 4K goodness will come out of this device. cheers
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