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  1. Please take note 300D Ikelite UW housing owners............. Last week I recieved the Ikelite housing for my Canon 300D from a dealer and found that the housing bolt attachment to the base broken (see attached picture). Since the housing was taken straight out of the box I could only conclude that it must have sheared off during shipping. Upon closer inspection I notice the bolt is threaded both ends, one for the external thread another for internal ie. female thread for the grip base plate bolt. The point of shear it seems is at the thinnest part where the two threads almost meet. I deduce it may be less than a millimeter of metal in between. This is pretty filmsy for Ikelite stardards. Whats more the grip base is now fixed through two holes through the base of the housing and only protected by o-rings on the bolt flange. Again a departure from earlier slotted type fixing of Ikelite housings. I could only guess this design weakness may be an accident waiting to happen. I for one would not be comfortable diving with my 300D in a housing that could not even take some knocks during shipping. Sorry Ike one more thing . Its been over a week now and still no replacement bolts. Last weekend's trip the dealer kindly loan me his housing. I guess your technicians are busy testing these bolts. Despite all this I still think Ikelite makes great products. I guess the rush to deliver new products to customers and beat the competitors is worth the risk. I wonder if anyone else has encounter similar problems.
  2. Nice scoop Andi I got the news from my Sea & Sea dealer here in Singapore that the 300D housing will be based on the DX-10D housing but they couldn't provide any picture. Looks like modified for 300D. Good to see its much more streamlined than the ABS/polycarbonate housing for the 30/60D etc. David
  3. Hey don't leave out DV cam...... My wish list for 2004:- - UW housing for the Panasonic AG-DVC80 -preferably by Gates - Fathom UW video lens at an affortable price- say, less than that of a car ! - Digi video cam capable of taking 6 mega stills or DSLR capable of taking Mpeg2 video. - Clear water and plenty of fish....
  4. Nothin' like a bit of competition. Now if only the UW housing manufacturers could do the same. If the camera is available in Spring 04 then may be UW housing by winter 04 or next Christmas. That's just a year away.... Don't think many of us going from P&S digi cams to DSLR could wait that long. What if Canon does a stripped down and repackaged 1D by then......that would really send the market into a spin. Nice thought though......
  5. Hello Underwatercolours Thanks for the offer. After more research I have decided to go with a housing with a Nikonos strobe bulkhead or/and a Canon s6 bulkhead for the housed Canon speedlite. Gives me the option of E-TTL. Two housing manu'fr at present does that combination. Jonah and UWE. Also very likely Aquatica in 2004. UK Germany housing is availble right now and judging from the 10D housing I don't think the one for 300D would be too different in terms of design, functionality and strobe connections. Cheers
  6. Hi Chris Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like your T-connector gizmo is becoming a rare item in the market. Can't find anyone selling it. In anycase connecting two cables designed for different systems puts me off a bit. May be a Nikonos strobe bulkhead and a dual S&S sync cord is the answer. Well I better sort this out now before I get the housing and find I need to change all my strobes. Cheers Never thought it would be this difficult to get two sea and sea strobes to fire non-TTL from a digital SLR housing :angryfire:
  7. Thanks James Better sort out the connections to my existing strobes before I buy the Ikelite housing. I'll wait n sea if Ikelite would respond to my request. What if fitting a Nikonos bulkhead on the housing - will it may solve my problem ? Cheers David
  8. Looks like Ikelite is catching up with their 300D housing- See attached picture (thanks to Ike). They have moved the strobe bulkhead to the bottom left of the back plate - less obstructive for the dive mask. Even fixed the AV and turning dial problem, focus lock and shutter bottom Cheers David
  9. Hello wetpixelers need to ask some of you more experienced digi shooters of this board on how to connect two Sea & sea YS90DX strobes to an Ikelite bulkhead to a Canon 300D. I'm new to this UW digi SLR lark. Been shooting mainly with P&S digi cam on a fibre optic link so now with hotwired strobes I'm left in the dark - like what sync cords etc. I am happy just to shoot flash manual and am happy with just using the 12 settings on the S&S strobes. Thanx in advance David
  10. The sensitivity of 3 CCD video cam should be pretty good even in low light compared to a single chip camera. My MX 300 panasonic is an earlier version of the MX500 and I don't have problem with most of my dives and I also bring down my own light. I would not buy a video cam for UW use unless you could source a housing for it first. A good housing and lens usually cost more than the camera itself. I only know of one manufacturer for UW Panasonic housing - check out SEALUX. There are others but they are mainly universial housing. Sony offers better choice but slightly more expensive. Cheers
  11. Hi Craig From the picture it looks like the zoom gear is located next to the right hand grip same as in the UK 10D housing. The right hand will have a lot of control with this set up. Not much good for left-handers............ I fired off an e-mail to UK Germany with whole lot of questions. Shipping takes 2 to 3 weeks...if the housing is available that is. Here's another pic with a dome port David
  12. Check out this housing from UK-Germany... fresh from Digideep (many thanks) - here is the link: http://www.digideep.com/product.php?pType=housing&mID=38&pID=699 Looks like a solution to the * and the AV button/ mode selector. I want one !
  13. Absolutely stunning shots. How did you place the strobes? The outline of the Jellies are very well defined and the highlights are just in the right places. Cheers David
  14. The design shows a lever which actuates a button near the viewfinder. Alas, I don't see a * button on the 300d , but there is an Av +/- button there. Hi James You're right about the Av +/- button which I think Jonah is trying to resolve with a lever. Not sure if the thumb and index finger could reach both the button and the Main Dial on the Rebel - a problem David Haas highlighted in his review of the Ikelite housing. It would be great if Ikelite could solve this problem too- can't wait till December.......Ahh The * button (or the AE/FE lock) on the Rebel is next to the AF point selector. Again thumb and index finger problem...maybe! Cheers David David
  15. Digitalicism ! I could relate to that. I once spent 90 minutes at Mabul snapping at a bunch of mating Mandarian Fish and use up my 1 gb CF card only to find myself in the same spot the next evening taking even more pictures !
  16. Great - found the right tread! I am brand new to UW DSLR having used some housed point and shoot digi cameas in my dives I am finally taking the big step and say goodbye to shutter lag and blurry LCD screens. Just got my Digital Rebel out of the box and I can't wait to get a UW housing for it. Having read the Ikelite review by David Haas I might go for that if Ikelite could fix the ..." Changing aperture necessitates pressing a thumb-positioned button, and then turning the command dial.".... problem . Does anyone know how much it might cost? I read Jonah is doing a Rebel housing and Aquatica has a prototype. There might be others early next year. I reckon Rebel will be a popular camera for UW housing manufacturers..... wonder if I should wait until these come out before making a decision Thanks for the advise on the lenses. David
  17. Hi Jamesw I'm more at home with UW video than UW digital SLR so need some help on Canon lenses. Are these Ef lenses ? Will the lens work with my Digital Rebel ? and lastly what housing are best for the digital Rebel? Any further reduction for the both items? Cheers
  18. Hi Jeremy What type of Panasonic digital video cam have you got? I use the MX300 3CCD digi cam. Took me a couple of months to source the underwater housing. You may want to try Sealux ( http://www.sealux.de ) a German based housing manufacturer. They have several types of aluminium housing for Panasonic and Sony cameras. They also sell wide angle converters and video lights. I spend a small fortune but was really pleased with the results. Hope this helps.
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