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  1. I have two Digital 150 Strobe (Nikon) by Seacam for sale. Tip top condition. With new re-celled batteries and accessories like ball adapter and neoprene cover. Price is 1800 USD (retails at USD 2600.00 or more new) each. USD 3k for the pair. I also have cables S6 or Nik V ... I also have a Seacam D300 housing - price negotiable 1 x Seacam Superdome Finally a Brand New Seacam D800 Housing body - price is very good (interested please email me) Low-ballers will be ignored. Thank you for browsing David
  2. Not zoom. Variable from 4x to 5x. I modded the lens mount to fit the Sony FE mount de-clicked the aperture ring. Soon all will be revealed. Eunjae - thanks. Cheers David
  3. I would not show off the contraption yet because it looks rough. Once I have a proper one made then all will be revealed. However it works but need some refinement. I would like to use a GH4 next time. I have no problem showing if you drop by. Drop me an email when you know exact date (info@scubacam.com.sg) regards David
  4. Crazy stuff David - thanks for sharing! Working with that kind of DoF must be frustrating. I assume the footage was all manual focus? Yes crazy DoF. Min. aperture is F32. The lens is 5X on a full frame sensor of the A7s. It only focuses manually. In fact the best way to focus is to lock focus and slide back and forth. Breathing will cause camera movement. UW with scuba its hell and I breath hold too many times. Top side a little easier. Picking the right subject matters too. Too big and I could only shoot the eye and other extremities. Need to be just right. For example the Ant on the last video is perched on a bamboo chopstick and the Ant Mimic Jumping Spider is only the size of a grain of rice. The Nauticam A7 housing is great. Just the right size and weight for long static holds. I also use a short tripod. The custom lens and port with built in lights will be revealed when I tested with the GH4. That M4/3 sensor is going to give twice the magnification to the 5X lens. LOL How has the A7S been for other U/W shooting? Can it see in the dark at depth as it has been reported to on land? The A7s is the most light sensitive camera out there now. UW it is also as good for low light as top side. The trick is setting ISO to no higher than 32000. Yup it is clean right up to there. At 60000 its grainy but not bad grain. I have to set the video light set at lowest setting most of the time. This camera could shoot with just a dive light for macro. Colour and white balance on the other hand is difficult to get right. I use S log2 and I have not been able to MWB the different clips to match the colours. I even tried UW mode which works sometime in shallow water. Quite a tricky profile to use. In the first video I tried one of the more saturated profiles and I like how the colour pops. Currently the A7s records at XACVs 8-bit. Not a lot I could do in post before the image breaks up. May be with the Atomos Shogun and at 4K I could do a lot more. Like cropping and stabilization in post. This was a first test with the system. I also used the Nikonos V adapter by Nauticam. Tried with the Nikonos V 15mm, 20mm even the Sea and Sea Nikonos 12mm. All performed superbly. There will be one video showing wide close up shots. I just need to work on the colour balance. Tricky with this camera or may be just my ineptness cheers David
  5. Hi All Here is my second video of the Extreme Macro series at the Lembeh Straits. Top side critters this time. All happened on a dining table. No critter was harmed. The macro world is fascinating. Thanks to NAD lembeh resort staff for putting up with me poking around looking for bugsā€¦.. Hey Peter. Yes I have even more surreal clips to come. I gotta make an UW microscope slider or stabilizer for this macro lark. Cheers David
  6. Hi Folks I have just finished a series of video clips from the Lembeh Straits using a Sony A7s, Nauticam housing and my custom 5X lens. A DIY led light integrated macro port plus two RG Blue lights. Here is the first one. I used a saturated grading style as I am interested in bringing out the color and texture. Even aperture at F32, DOF is paper thin. A bit of vignette is added. Hope you will enjoy it.
  7. I am selling my Nauticam Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera housing and camera. Excellent condition. Used once. Here is the list: 1 x NA-BMPCC with handles (housing body) 1 x custom top carry handle & sunhood 1 x BMPCC camera and three batteries (genuine batteries) & charger No port or SD cards. Port depends on your lens choice and SD card are available everywhere. I can supply those separately plus plenty of example footage and advice on this system. Price USD 1750.00 Collect at Singapore or buyer pays shipping
  8. I am selling my MetaBone BMPCC (pocket) speed booster. Fits Nikon G lens. Price USD 390.00 Used once. looks brand new. Comes with box etc... Collect at Singapore or buyer pays shipping. Cheers David
  9. cheers Peter Enjoyed yesterday wandering around. Impressive stuff on show. The Panasonic booth is pretty massive. The set up with the GH4 is with the odyssey q7. Four HDSDI hooked up to the base unit. I guess each channel is full Hd. The colour coming out of the large 4k monitor is pretty impressive. This set up with Convergent is probably too cumbersome to house. If the image coming out of the Atomos Shogun is as good then we are in for a treat. Well at least for GH4 people. I'll upload some photos soon. Cheers
  10. There is a Broadcast Asia Show next week in Singapore. I shall take a good look at the Atomos Shogun recorder/monitor for myself. This would make a nice combo with the GH4. It would be even better if these two devices could be combined in some ways to make the housing more like a conventional video camera housing IMHO.
  11. Great video. I must add Fiji in my bucket list. Did you use the Fathom lens? Cheers David
  12. Hi CP Is the M14 bulkhead for the vacuum system? I believe the M16 bulkhead hole is for the HDMi external recorder housing - hopefully for Shogun. Soon may be? regards David
  13. hj nihal nicely graded. finally get to see the whole thing. great to see so many variety of marine life in the Maldives. those extended battery things are ready so pop by anytime. cheers david
  14. http://eosworld.canon.com.sg/site/event_details/47729?param=B8i7EiEb4jF0JnG%2BEe5VqKJL05nIPx%2FCEnhGRkP1rKGD0mqED3IjkKJLk31BAUWj3uFlIPifY8EW%0ACYRpEg1IbdheLPY8ma4ZtRsdWUILUcT2EdekL5CWnu9rw%2FxrU6cD0Fivx0KAN%2Br2kOUk8F5kv8SD%0APKxtUfugVEJiZxbeuSQ%3D There is a Tony Wu talk organised by Canon EOS world in Singapore. Venue is Singapore Management University. Come and watch some of the never seen before photos of his years free diving with whales. The link with all the detail is above. Hope to see some Wetpixellers there. Its free just need to register online. Cheers David
  15. Oh darn...I would have jump at the chance...if not for my leg. I guess you are using Pawels housing? That is much lighter housing for chasing humpback. What out for those flying baby humpbacks.
  16. ETTR will give you better option in deeper sites as you can open aperture up and bump ISO higher so you could push the histogram to the right. And with a magic filter you will see the 3 colour channels pretty close together. Only in clear water that is. Trouble starts in shallow water. I just wish there is a way to flip an ND inside the port. Pretty good with 1.4TC on a FE. surprising good little lens this Tokina 10-17
  17. Hi EunJae The ML colour depth from the Canon raw is pretty astonishing. I find for ambient wide angle I would use the original magic. It filter improves the Red and Blue channel. Before sequencing I upload to photoshop and using curves I could lift the red and then make the blue background vivid. The 16-35 f2.8 L II is made for this sort of shoot. I did some comparison with the Epic footage and the 5DMIII with ML and seriously after grading and both into HD I can say the 5D MIII could pretty much holds its own. Great job for demonstrating and testing the ML canon 5DMIII. Cheers David
  18. Hi Peter You could down load in 4K just change the setting. Most of the footage except the end looks like less than HD never mind 4K. Youtube uses 4K H264 compression . So its really 3840 x 2160 AKA ultraHD at best at the end of the fooatge. GH4 should allow you to record full 4096 x 2160. Good attempt though Edmond. No banding issues. The Youtube must have chewed up the resolution for most part of the footage. Only the last part from 0.26 the image looks very clear at HD. Can't wait to see more. Cheers David
  19. Stunning stuff Eunjae I have always like the colour of the canon DSLrs and In the right hands the ML 5DMIII raw is a superb tool for full HD. Even then the footage up-res nicely on my Asus 4K TV at 60hz. The black Ribbon Eel is so clear. The detail you can resolve and colour you could pull out of the images is amazing. The fluffy hairy shrimp looked so "big". Some parts looks like you are using a high power microscope! You have very steady hands. Well done Eunjae. Thoroughly enjoyed that David
  20. You're the man EunJae!! I use the Lexar card. 64GB. The bus speed from buffer to card limits the write speed and 1000x seems to be the limit for Canon anything camera. Good to know 128GB chip finally could do do what 64GB cards could do. Turn off all non essential functions.....Yeah ML Raw is great on the 5D MIII.... I awaits in awe for your next post of your UW video.... Cheers David
  21. Aye Peter and there is space for a couple of Titan GPUs....sigh. What more can an old tinkerer with a gammy leg ask for? Seriously my other 'mistress' camera is here. Her name is GH4! Come over and check it out
  22. I must confess I have found my dream camera....it is what I always wanted and more....... http://player.vimeo.com/video/93325163?color=ffffff
  23. ah I see. I must be blind Thanks Stuart Great to see that. I shall have my canister lids updated. Cheers David
  24. Errr you lost me there. Which part shows the re-design? The method is still "The top plate attaches to the cannister via two M5 allen key bolts" I carry a set of allen keys but what if I didn't? I have two sets of these lights and I have to change it to M5 thumb screws. I also carry a little "crowbar" to prise the lid open The piston o-ring lid works well so well that it create a reassuring cushion of air when the lid is close and the thumb screw is handy for securing it down with one hand. I am designer myself and ergonomics and ease of use is important. Don't get me wrong I am just pointing out one issue not a big deal to some but it is to me. So what if the M5 bolts could be made more user friendly? Anyway I hope I have not upset anyone. If I have I apologize. These are terrific lights first and foremost. If there is a new design then lets me see I could update it. Dive in peace...cheers David
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