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  1. Great video Matt Did you use the GH2 firmware by Driftwood/ Vitaly by any chance? regards David
  2. Hi Fergus I agree the Orca SeaWolf light is a fantastic LED light. Great even light and colour rendering. Clever way to transport and use of high capacity rechargeable batteries. One thing I don't like is the opening and closing of the canister. Two hex bolts and only way of opening is use a blunt flathead screw driver next to bolts. I am going to suggest Orca provide some sort of snap latches or even a thumbscrew. Great light and output is 22K lumen as specified.
  3. Which lens? RS 13mm FE, 28, 20-35 or the macro? Must be about 8 years since I used mine. regards David
  4. AJA CION is probably chasing the Arri Amira segment of the market. If the footage is anything like the Amira then they may make a big splash with a first camera. The advantage is that this baby could pump out 4K. These are big mama ENG type cameras so for docu and TV work they are ideally suited. I am not entirely sure this would appeal to UW shooters as there are more options out there and smaller form factor. Cheaper too. Having customised a housing for the Arri Alexa and the Phantom flex 4K the bulk and weight for transporting will be real put off. The Pany GH4 and Shogun recorder is definitely looking quite good for UW. The other is KineMini 4K. This and next year will be a great tinkering time for me. This is just my opinion. There are definitely other choices. Cheers
  5. Here is an interview with Kinefinity guy Jihua Zheng. Courtesy of DigitalNewsshooters
  6. Time to take a look on what Kinefinity is up to at NAB 2014. What I find fascinating is that this little Chinese Digital Cinema Camera company has almost been completely ignored by the reporters in NAB except for a few well informed groups. There were huge fanfare on the Black Magic production camera the URSLA and the Studio camera even though no definite ready date. Then there is the CION from AJA. Panasonic, Sony, JVC etc. Oh still no Canon to show off some new camera tech. I think this company has great potential and they really need to spend some budget on marketing their products. From what I could gather after NAB 2014 KineMini 4K and KineMax 6K are almost ready. Some sample footage is really nice. These cameras are made simple and no fuss. Just that some of the specs are impressive for the price level. Start with KineMini 4K: Super 35 CMOS Records 4K compressed or uncompressed 4:4:4 12bit Choice of mounts EF or Kinemount (Nikon, PL etc) High speed 100fps at 1080pHD. SDI Output/ HDMI x 2 Compact and well built Price from USD 3200.00 KineMax 6K: Super 35 CMOS sensor records 6k in uncompressed or compressed Cinema DNG 100fps in 4k (wow) M4/3 crop allows for 4k shooting while 3k is possible from the super 16 crop SDI Output/ HDMI x 2 Compact and well built Price from USD 6000.00 Looking at the pace this company is going and improvement made these are likely to surpass some other similar companies that are more established. China is a huge market for them. I would love to see more footage and maybe some UW footage. I am currently in touch with this company. Maybe it will turn out good. Who knows. What this space.
  7. Yes I agree with Drew the ring pattern is there but very subtle shadows. Colour grading out the Magenta water will be a pain. Pink jellyfish! Nice video BTW and like the flow of the story. The Macros are excellent. Makes a big difference when lit with lights. Cheers David
  8. jello cam looks a bad as the DSLRs….but for UW this may not be such a serious as on land. I don't know if it was just me. The background silhouettes (in blue) looks like the same specular highlight issue with LED lights as with Sony FS100. May be it is just the odd blue lighting.
  9. BM is using the same 4K sensor on these "new" cameras. The ursa is like the size of an Arri Alexa when lens mount, recorder and battery are attached. Heavier too. Not travel friendly and the housing will need to be quite big. All the screens built in are just not very useful for UW shooting. The flip out one cannot be detached. BM i am sure are not aimed at this and the studio camera with divers in mind. Its almost a 90% a no goer for UW and I will wait until real work sample footage before hitting the last 10% nail on this coffin. BM is giving firmware fixes to BMPCC and BMCC so they are better size for housings. cheers David
  10. Hi Joe DJI has a updated version of the Phantom 2 with H3-3D Zenmuse gimbal. this version is 3 axis not 2 of the earlier version. not sure where you are based but i have a whole bunch of DJI stuff at my ADEX booth. including a modded interchangeable lens Go Pro h3+ to go onto these puppies. Live viewing is possible. Including remote recording. There are plenty of add ons and accessories for various type of shooting. The sky is the limit. The vision 2+ is just announced that camera system can shoot RAW digital stills and video. Very neat setup. Video wise i still think with a Go Pro you can upgrade it when new version comes out. At NAB GoPro has new stuff such as a 3D system. Oddly they also show off a back pack? cheers David
  11. Well just when you thought things couldn't get anymore interesting with the Sony FF 4K A7s, Pany GH4 and the AJA 4k cinema camera …... BM drops two more into the mix. Enter the BM Studio http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicstudiocamera comes with built in 10 touch screen monitor. USD 3K. interesting. 4 hours internal battery! and the BM URSA which has interchangeable mount (PL. EF etc} and future upgradeable of the sensor! http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicursa and at USD 6K Oh you can also use your fav. DSLR and plug it to the URSA! Judging from past experience with BM I would wait and see. Likely to be a busy year for housing manufacturers. This year at NAB is becoming more like a 4K cinema camera fest. Oh and a Scarlet Dragon?
  12. More good news for Panasonic GH4 lovers.....enter the 4K HDMI Atomos Shogun Now we wait for a housing for this recorder/monitor Sorry about the camera not being GH4. Then again Sony has its own 4K trick up its sleeve. Why 8 bit ? Looks like GH4 is going to be the people's choice.
  13. Thanks diverdoug1 I managed to get a Hoya+2 dioptre 82mm here in Singapore in the end. However most of the time I did not need it with the Pro-one dome. cheers
  14. Hi Richard Send me a PM (info@scubacam.com.sg) and I could send you some examples of 5DIII ML raw I took from Palau. I was going to get a reel together but thats on a back burner after my leg and back injuries. May be end of the year before I could really take a look at them again. Far too busy now. There is another option with the dome. I custom make dome flanges and uses the Pro-one dome glass element. I have been using this for my Subal and Zillion and with 16-35mm I do not need a dioptre. Although at the 16mm corner is not tack sharp until stopped down a bit. I am also almost certain I could ask Nauticam to make a custom port flange. Another lens I would highly recommend if money no object is the ZE Zeiss 15mm and 24mm. A 9.25" dome and these lenses then you have IMHO one of the sharpest set up around for HD DSLR. I know its mechanical but the lens is mechanically finely tuned and manual focus is easier if you have an external monitor like a Ninja with expanded focus. Just some news on Ginger HDR. 19 lights has discontinued this software. I still have the latest version. Works well with my PP CS6 as a plug in. Not sure about CS4 but it is compatible from CS3 upwards. Computer I use is the 15" Mac Book Pro retina. MAgic Lantern is stable only with certain cards I use the Lexar 64GB 1000x UDMA. I also had Komputerbay cards but after three failed/ have problems I give up on that brand. regards David
  15. Hi Richard I was at Palau over Christmas and New Year. Shot extensively with Canon 5D MIII and Nauticam housing. I was using 16-35 f2.8 L USM II. You need a big dome for that lens. To improve corner sharpness a +2 dioptre will help but the lens takes 82mm dia filter. Finding a shop selling a good +2 dioptre with 82mm dia. filter thread is quite hard. Its a great lens for video. For still the dioptre is recommended for the corners at widest. I shot everything using Magic Lantern RAW. Not internal H264. The RAW file need particular workflow. Two ways: One - Use RAW2DNG app to convert the Canon ML Raw to DNG. From DNG import into Photoshop to do quick check/color grade before exporting as TIFF. From here each frame is approx 6mb or higher. Sequence in QuickTime 7 and export to Prores. Finally to Adobe PP or FCX. This is with Mac platform. Win is similar. Or Two- use Ginger HDR add-on app to Adobe PP. You then can upload the Raw footage to Adobe Speedgrade or Premier Pro. Much faster this way and allows you to scrub through the Raw footage. One advantage of raw is you really don't have to MWB. Although a thin red filter helps and if someone could invent an auto Vario ND. As for digital stills the 5DMIII is great low light full frame camera. Focusing is quick and great for extreme macro eg 100mm with the Nauticam SMC. Not as high resolution as the Nikon D800 or DR but in low light its a faster camera. Just wish the flash sync could be higher than 1/200. Unless if you opt for house canon system flash. I need to do that for the spawning aggregation shoot. Hey are you attending ADEX (April 11-13th? Plenty of footage to see at my booth. Cheers David
  16. Johny Friday is a Wetpixel member I believe. I hope he comes out of the woodwork soon That stuff he did with the Red Dragon is brilliant. Better on 4K TV. Yeah welcome to the forum Sean Cheers David
  17. Gravity is and so is Life of Pi I agree not all movies is done well in 3D. Totally love to see football (as in soccer) in 3D especially the coming world cup.
  18. http://blog.planet5d.com/2014/03/magic-lantern-conquers-canon-eos-5d-mark-iii-firmware-1-2-3/ http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=11017.0 Alex of magic lantern has just finished a new version of the ML for 5DMiii and no boot flag or card issues….see link for more details. Now installing the firmware is easy as 1.2.3. He still has to iron out some bugs so its really still experimental. suggest use the older 113 version for stable raw video……..
  19. Agreed. Then again no movies will be shot with dslrs with a few exceptions. I own a d800 myself and it is still the go to camera for me for hi-res digital stills. I am only highlighting the dxo mark test not stating the dragon is the only camera to use.
  20. Hey Simon If your 4K TV is a Dell P2815Q then your are stuck at 30hz when you use full 4K res. 3840x2160. It could do 60hz refresh rate at 1920 x 1080. Hopefully Dell may have a future firmware upgrade. But by then even Seiki will have HDMI 2. The Eizo 277 is nice colour reference monitor. I was thinking of getting one. I would like to know how accurately it self calibrates. regards David
  21. My Red Rep replied after I badgered them with emails. Most likely after NAB. I signed up quite early. My business associate has no less 3 Epics. He wanted to upgrade all three but still nothing. Not even one.. I think Asia or SE Asia is lagging behind.... cheers David
  22. Roo You guys are just having too much fun. Thanks for showing that.....
  23. Drew. Yes and but, but no thunder bolt 2 or Hdmi 2. I like the mac pro bin but the next update will probably have full 4k support. Nearly sure apple is cooking up a 4k 'ultra' retina display or something. Cheaper for me at the moment to just upgrade with gtx titan. The computer is chucking along nicely. Cheers
  24. one GTX titan black will do. even your GTX670 will work if it has at least 2GB of Vram and a display port socket. Get the latest driver. You will need the Display Port 1.2 cable in MST(multi stream transport)mode. depends on you system Win 7 or 8 and either will need some tweaking to get the MST to sync at 60hz. I hook up two GTX titan black with SLi 2 for my work on movement of traffic and pedestrain flow in a virtual city….for 4K video one Titan is more than enough. cheers David
  25. You can try this one for starters : EVGA X58 4 way SLI classified. Up to 7 Pci-express x16 slots. Or the EVGA X79 classified with 5 PCI-e. You can plug 4 GTX GPU cards to enable 4 way SLI system. You are going to need a PSU of 1200w or more. Hackintosh using Maverick will not work with the 4K at 60hz. Maybe apple will have their own 4K display later then there may be software for it. I am using PC & Win 7 cough cough ! If you are attending ADEX then have a look. I have been running the Asus PQ321Q 4K monitor for a week now at 60Hz using the display port.
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