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  1. I sold a few custom made devices that enable the clients to take the images they want. Okay that does not count. I was approached by a producer about the flying White Pointer in 3D.
  2. Hackintosh.i know some think that's a sin. Only viable option at the moment to get my Asus 4K monitor running at 60hz and 4k res is pc with at least a gtx titan gpu.
  3. Ninja 2 is a wonderful recorder/monitor. Great for many type of external recording options. In this case It may be a bit redundant since the BMCC is recording Prores and also capable of Raw 2.5k. Perhaps later when the Black Magic 4K finally comes out maybe the Ninja 2 could record prores proxies in parallel with the 4K in camera. As for just a monitor for my money I would prefer the Small HD Oled 7" screen. I am considering custom make a housing or maybe some manufacturer already have and just about fully baked in the oven. there are other options (all very good) so I have no intention in naming them all and this is just my personal choice.
  4. You can now mod. the Go Pro Hero 3/ 3+ and slap on faster lenses or a real macro lens using the BackBone GoPro mod kit. Housing will have to be custom though. cheers David
  5. Hook up four Nvidia GTX Titan black edition with 4 way SLi link. Kick any ass in 4K @ 60Hz!
  6. Hi Nihal I have. Dive and Sea monitor is good but the bulkhead need some mod before it could be attached to the M16 Nauticam bulkhead. It is also integrated rechargeable battery. Nauticam with the DP4 works well and the screen is pretty bright. There is also the option of attaching a EVF hood. I have the Small HD Oled 7". Many battery choices. Give a me a bell if you want to see it. I am sure a housing could be made for it. cheers David
  7. How do you find the low light with the sensor? at what depth before the LCD display becomes too difficult to differentiate details. I dove recently with the BMPCC at Palau. Mixed results. I was shooting raw at 2K. A good friend of mine who is a colorist advise to shoot with film picture style so what I see from the uploaded footage was very washed out. When he ran it through Da vinci resolve I was so surprised to see so much color depth and details could be pulled out from RAW. I would love to learn how the BMCC 4K fare. Oh one thing i find when shooting ambient light is to use a light red filter. The magic filter for video works quite well. What you want to avoid is total lost of the red channel. With 4K raw you can really do a lot to color balance and fix the footage before final edit. I am sure you know that anyways. regards David
  8. Not in the same way. It is a lot less problematic compared with the Sony f100 & f700. I personally never had any magenta or red R3d footage break down like the Sony with the Red Epic. I only come across other pro shooters that under certain conditions and location the image has colour cast problem. I think it affects just ambient light not when you bring down lighting. I show with a thin gel filter which addresses the red channel. This way the green and blue is skewed to much to the colour extreme in post. I watch the histogram quite a lot on a dive and just to be sure exposure is not shifting too much into the blacks.
  9. Oh one last thing. My guess is that there is no one OLPF or gel filter for All UW conditions. Likely to be several and each for different water conditions.
  10. The last I read is Red is testing different optical low past filters for different shooting situations. The new advance dragon debayer method in the latest red cine-x seems to yield even more dynamic range and details out of the sensor. More depth for colour correcting. The sensor IQ seems to be noiseless at native iso at compression ratio of 5:1. Even at iso 3000 the image is free of noise. I find UW With the Epic anything above iso 1000 noise or grain starts to appear. One colourist in the red forum suggested using some light gel filter. Helps in repairing the missing red channel UW.. Now with extra DR of the dragon there may be a way to find out which colour filter in conjunction with if there is one a special OLPF just for the UW folks. The new debayer program would help too by drawing out as much information out of the sensor as possible. Anyway I will do some tests once my fire-breathing dragon returns home. Cheers David
  11. Well the form factor of the Alexa will not be as portable for digital stills as the Dragon. Not only that 2K raw may not be enough for professional photography. Same goes for taking stills from the BMC. What the DXo mark test did is for testing digital stills. It is quite astonishing to find a camera that outguns FPS digital stills and provide a whole lot more in color depth and DR. One achilles heel for the Dragon is the S35 sensor will not have better low light capability of a full frame. Yes I would love to see all the top end cameras tested. More information and better choice for the client on what system to go for. Cheers David
  12. More to the point is that now with still frames (24fps or higher) taken out of a videocamera can perform or outperform one of the best digital still camera around the era of the convergence between still and video is right here now. Of course the cost is out of of most people's pockets except for working professionals. note: Low light is still not as good as larger sensor like the D800 or 5D MIII Cheers David
  13. Holy smoke The Epic Dragon just scored DXOmark test score of 101. Higher than nikon d800E. That means for the first time a digital cinema camera is as good as one for digital stills. Sorry Adam I know how much you like your D800. LOL. http://www.dxomark.com/Reviews/RED-Epic-Dragon-review-First-camera-to-break-the-100-point-DxOMark-sensor-score-barrier Here is a link for those who are nerdy like me. excerp: " The highly configurable RED Epic Dragon is the latest version of the firm’s original Epic-M Digital Still and Motion Camera (DSMC). Although we are more used to analyzing still cameras at DxOMark, we’ve had a unique opportunity to assess RAW output from a prototype using all of our usual industry standard tests. As the results were extraordinary, we thought we would share the findings. Read on to find out how this high-performance sensor performs. Overall score: Epic Dragon takes first place (101 points) Dynamic range and color depth: First place in both categories (14.8Ev, 26.5 Bits) Low Light ISO: 10th place (ISO 2745) Nikon D800 vs Red Epic Dragon Specification" In Depth Analysis Conclusion
  14. Agreed with Jon. The zeiss 15mm is a superb wide lens. Gates dome is around 8" dia. And extender. Pretty much distortion free corner to corner. Reminds me of the Arri Zeiss Ultra primes. This is a manual focus lens. I got one with ZF mount. And works well not just with the Epic aps-c size sensor but also on my 5d3 with appropriate adapter. It's a full frame sensor lens. As for nikonos RS lenses my fav. In the r-uw nikkor13mm fe. They don'.t make them like that anymore. Cheers
  15. Thats Sabah east coast ? Wow. Never seen it that pristine before. Great video.
  16. The oly.7-14 is amazing zoom lens for 4/3. A bit pricy. I have used the. 12mm f1.4. Great lens for my BMPCC. With the m4/3 mount there is no shortage of adapters. I have tried tonnes of Nikkor Ai lenses. Some provide really nice images. 8 bit 4 2 0 is not going going to cut it for me. I hope housing manufacturers going to consider all the peripherals needed to make this a real contender for UW 4k. I would not dismiss Sony yet. 3chip cmos 4k may be soon. One can dream. Cheers
  17. Full Resolve software....plus 4k camera @ USD 3000.00 Interesting pricing. Something new must be coming at NAB.
  18. Love this forum. Thanks for the well wishes. I am fine and the doctor stabilised my leg bone with rods and clamps. Amazingly compact gadget. Gives me a few ideas. I will be bed bound for a week before they could operate. Well motorised skateboard is fun but bloody dangerous. What was I thinking. My other work as a transport architect got me interested in personal electric vehicles. The last mile solution for public transport between subway stations or bus interchanges. Skateboard motorised is not the best solution. Foldable motorised bicycles may be better. Thanks all again. David
  19. Only reliable CF is Lexar 64 at 1000x. I fired a few Komputer Bay cards now I avoid them like the plaque. Not tried 30p. All done in 24p. WB set at manual. I usually dial in. Exposure set at ISO 160, 320, 640 or 1250 . Use fast lens when possible. Turn off all the other features in ML. They just draw more power. Allow only record on CF card. Stop camera reading back and forth both cards. Try to shooting image as flat as possible. No sharpening no picture styles. These are just my preferences. Depends on which version of ML you installed. good luck and happy shooting.
  20. If you shoot ML raw no. There are ways to expose the footage and help with highlight details and reduce shadow noise by shooting ETTR (expose to the right). Difficulty with this is when you get too close to the surface highlight clipping will be difficult to avoid even stopping down . I am planning to mod an V. ND with a gear ring to control from the port. cheers David
  21. Fergus is right. Magic Filter (original one for the tropics) works. Works for my 5D MIII ML and EOS M and even the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. Funny how things that works has the "magic" word ? Magic Filter is a gel filter and will only take about half a f-stop away but helps with replacing information missing from the red channel by balancing the other two (green and blue) channels in Red color starved shooting situations. Better for color correction afterwards. Cheers
  22. Well here is one of many clips of the spawning. Shot six in the morning so the video is a bit grainy. Shot using a 5D MIII with ML. 16-35 II f2.8L and Nauticam housing with a CheungyPro one dome. Sorry no music. Best watch in HD. music added- curtesy of Vimeo!
  23. (thanks Peter) Hi Matt There is really two operators in Palau who knows exactly when fish spawning aggregation will occur around Palau, down to the day and even hours. Paul and Richard of Uniquedive Expeditions at Sams Tour and the other is the Japanese outfit called Blue Marlin at the Palau Royal Resort. The guide called Clayton has like a sixth sense from decades of diving in palauan waters when and where to find the spawning. Paul is also pretty amazing and he is also studying his PHD on the subject at Palau. Needless to say his trips to experience various species of fish aggregations are always booked up. When I bring a group and charter his boat I have to wait and be patient. It really pays off to have a knowledgeable guide.
  24. Really interesting, Peter. Nice video - thanks a lot for sharing. I've never been lucky enough to see that behaviour in Palau. Last time I was there (beginning of January) it rained virtually the whole time and the ambient light was terrible! Which operator did you go with? regards David
  25. I would suggest the Asus 31' PQ321Q. Pricy at 3.5K but with the PB287Q (28") announce pricing should adjust to the masses. I have been asking ASUS SE asia supply about these. No confirm availability yet but online order is a possibility. Definitely go for 60hz refresh rate. Get a good MB with multi-GPU w/crossfire X. Sooner rather than later MB will be optimised for 4k. Biggest disappointment is the Mac Pro bin computer. Limited to HDMI 1.4. May be Apple will surprise everyone and have thunderbolt 2 display at NAB in Vegas.
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