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  1. Wait for the 60 hz version. 30hz will not be good for fast action video or as a computer monitor. Depends on whether after NAB 2014 the adoption of HDMI 2 (two versions now) will be wide spread. 4K Tv with 60Hz will need to be around 60" to make it worthwhile and would make a great editing screen with the xtra real estate. The HDMI 1.4 version 4K (30hz) should drop in price too. It is however not future proof. cheers
  2. There is a Wi Fi BacPac which allows you to remotely control and view the video on the iPad or iPhone. Range is somewhat limited to 180m. Probably less than than in the field. I have not tried it yet but could be useful for short range. cheers
  3. Holy smoke. You got some brilliant images there. Super clear. images from the Epic no doubt. You could probably make six different equally brilliant shorts of this. Cheers. Thanks for sharing. I will never look at Lembeh Strait the same again especially the wide stuff.
  4. Hi Thani For aerial work I will use a shorter C mount lens. Actually will need two of them side by side for 3d. GoPro is small enough to allow for wider interaxial distance and also on a gimbal. For underwater I mod an existing housing and use a flat port. Ultimately I want a housing with interchangeable ports. Cheers
  5. A small UW housing for shooting video is really not an advantage. Except for travel. To make the footage smooth and less jerky a larger housing will be better. Dampens the operator's movement. Trimmed properly we can act as dolly, slider and steady cam all in one. But not too big that even a slight current will take you and your gear for a ride. I doubt Alex made the decision on the Oly solely based on size. No disrespect but we are discussion moving images not digital stills. As for 4K should be used or not used it all depends on type of work. Or if just for hobby and for downloading to Youtube. All technology these days is market driven. May be not this year or next year but eventually people will look back and say 4K is so low tech when every home has a holodeck.
  6. Yep. Beeb is investing heavily on 4K mastering of nat. history content. Quite a few of the production houses is using Epic and Sony F55 (although the codex is still iffy). Since 2011 all the commercial shoots for UW I was involved in has been shot in 4K plus. Some uses Alexa topside (for 2k raw) but for UW its 4K and it is mostly Epic . Even some 3D TV movies for CCTV (China) and HK based productions are shot using 4K + cameras. The general public may not notice much as content shown on TV, network and Internet is mostly HD and even SD but the under current is definitely there for higher fidelity. Most are badly compressed. People have choices. Some are happy with SD or HD and will stay with that. Blissfully care less about anything new. Good for them. I don't agree with up-resing HD content to UHD. Its crap . Better to have the footage shot at 4K natively or higher. Like I said before the 4K resolution is here to stay. That does not mean HD or SD is going completely fade away overnight.
  7. Try Cam-Do.com The hard bit is sealing the casing cheers David
  8. Defo 4K or even higher resolution will soon become mainstream. Most likely the video gaming crowd will drive it. Also online video streaming and dare I say, porn! These IMHO are the earliest adopters for 4k as with HD when it replaces SD as these adopters will probably get the quickest ROI. When the price of 4K screens drop and that HDMI 2 becomes standard and providing 60hz or more then it will become common place. What about content? Well this is probably the best time to capture some if you are into this video business. The other area is design industry or motion capture. I am completely convinced that when you see how good 4K screen is compared with standard HD there is no going back. Yes yes there will alway be people disagreeing. Heck I don't care. Life is short and if new technology gives me more fun ways to enjoy....... 4K screens with the right content looks almost like real...almost. Here is some fun with 4K...Not sure if its just actors or real...funny all the same. cheers
  9. Peter, there is a reason behind my apparent Go-pro mod madness. Here is a clue...10 Go-pros bullet time............ Any Palau movies yet?
  10. Well thanks for reading this far. I plan to put the modded GP H3/ lens in a custom Go Pro housing. Also some topside aerial test footage is in order with my friend's Cinestar multicopter. Possibly even on a side by side 3D rig. What this mode does is really open up more possibilities for small and controllable POV camera shots in any situation imaginable. Looking forward to other possibilities. From what I read some bright sparks may hack the Go-pro firmware and enable controls of the exposure. I wish Go-pro would do that itself. Caveat: - This is just a few days of my experience with the Back-Bone Go-Pro mod kit and I know it is not everyone's cup of tea. I am sure there are better ways to spend one's time and there are better camcorders. Goodness - I shoot quite a few myself. This is just my experience with is this particular niche of camera that I would like to share. Cheers David
  11. Here are some images taken with the mod. Additing a Go-Pro back monitor with touch screen really helps with the focusing (duh!) and the controls. There is no AF and with some CCTV lenses there is no aperture scale. In case you are wondering are the Nudibrachs real ? No. These are made in Japan by a very skillful artist.
  12. Back-bone did say that the sensor in the camera is best suited to M12, CS or C mount lenses. There are simply thousands of used 16mm bolex lenses and CCTV lenses that is compatible with this mod. I choose a Kowa 5 megapixel lens. I also tried a Nikkor AF 20mm with an adapter. With the sensor crop of 5+ its not really effective. The image colour turned out to be off. It could well be the flange distance and the lack of precise alignment of all the adapter and rings. All in all the C-mount lenses worked well and I manage to get good and sharp digital stills and video out.
  13. Although the instruction is clear enough and the PDF version lists out all the parts there is this "what is going on moments" when parts simply does not fit. I had a few of those. Also finding the right double sided tape or losing tiny screws in the carpet are the masochistic "fun" of doing this type of mod. Here is the fruits of my labour:
  14. Just want to share with the Forum a very interesting mod I did with a Go Pro 3 (or 3+). Ever wonder what if millions of those Go-Pro out there could change their lenses? No more fixed aperture, curve or fisheye looking images. I know there is a mod by Novo Camera a year ago but that system costs far too high and only few were made. Plus they only rent it out. Also for a cheap POV camera one would wonder why mod it in the first place and why spend crazy amount of money to do it. Well in the spirit of enterprise and human ingenuity there is always a way to do so cost effectively. There is this start-up company called Back Bone (http://www.back-bone.ca/) and they make this kit that could completely transform your Go Pro 3 into an interchangeable lens camera using the M12, CS mount or C-mount system. They come in fully assembled camera based on Go Pro 3+(including the Go pro) or self-assemble kit. Being a glutton for punishment I opt for the kit. Actually I was on my way in becoming their dealer so I thought better try one out. My experience in this particular DIY is like walking on a cliff edge with a gammy leg and blind folded. Here is a link to their installation video. Watch it and you know its not for the faith hearted to go D I Y. I will post some of my picture in the next post
  15. Hi Sea Lion Good questions. We all have to start from the beginning somewhere. Check out this site. Everything you asked is probably answered in some ways: http://www.seafriends.org.nz/phgraph/water.htm Just a quick answer to the obvious question : Water absorbs light and the warm colours get absorbed quicker than cooler ones. Downwards and distance from the subject to you. A strobe less than 3 feet from the subject will definitely provide better lighting. Cheers David
  16. There is already a UW housing waiting for this latest Black Magic offering. Philip Bloom also had a go with the 4k footage colour correction. Not entirely convinced what this camera could really do. At the moment I am really enjoying the BMPCC and my new housing. Had to do some DIY with a battery pack. Now I think a full sixty min. Dive is possible with the camera on the whole time. The housing is nice and small. Footage from this little pocket rocket is really nice. I can't wait for the meta bone lens booster. Off to Palau in the next day. This new BM 4 K might take a while from their past record on delivery. I think it's the first in the industry I could get a housing before I could even get the camera..LOL
  17. Hi Thani I think I will chime in as I did the handy work. Peter could tell you more about the hydrophone. Installed these in less than couple of hours total but Peter and I have to first find the best spot first for the hydrophone and secondly for the vacuum check. Mindful of the wall of the housing that is the thickest this is after all a carbon fibre housing. With your sturdy aluminium housing I don't think you have any trouble with the vacuum check - judging from your past mods you are very skillful. I am really impressed with the hydrophone. Cheers
  18. The new Metasbones looks neat. It cost half the price of the camera LOL.... Has any one have one of those Metabones miracle boosters? I have a BMPCC and a housing soon. I will probably need to mod a port to fit the new BMPCC Metabones rocket booster. Probably need to mod the housing to take a big battery pack. Even with two spare batteries this little Pocket cam suck the juices out of the battery in 20 mins. when recording raw. I will be using some really fast Nikkor AI lenses. So far I am pretty happy with the DNG raw out of this camera. A real pain to process but for something under USD 1 K it is pretty amazing. I welcome more f-stops from the Metabones. It will help with low light but near surface I think a variable ND will be needed. cheers
  19. Brilliant stuff Jon. Now I really wish I join the trip. Is there a clip with the 3D version you could share? Looks like there is zero hint of magenta problem. The last bit is priceless. cheers David
  20. Da Vinc Resolve 10 will read it natively. You could colour grade and debayer the footage and then transcode to Prores. Then you could edit in PremPro or Final Cut X As for hardware the new Mac pro or even high spec PC with GTX Titan GPU. All this is not necessary if you just want good enough for personal or for the web. The BMPCC does record Prores as well that could be edited in FCX in a Mac book Pro. CinemaDNA+G raw will need lots of storage back up. Unless you are doing this seriously and get some form of income from the footage then it is a big expenditure for just a hobby. Then again this has not deterred many enthusiasts... Others super experts should chime in soon.... cheers
  21. http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/press/pressdetails?releaseID=48061 Love it or hate it the digital imaging arms race is bludgeoning ahead.... Now the little pocket rocket could record CinemaDNG and works natively with Black Magic Resolve 10. I can't wait to see some test footage. UW Housing manufacturers really need to take heed the demand for power this little dynamo needs unless we have batteries made of Dilithium Crystals we need space for a wodger of a battery. here is a link to some top side tests: http://vimeo.com/79231766 looks promising except for the moire on the car grille!
  22. hey SPP Great explanation it is like going back to school. Interesting stuff. I shall bring a few bin bags with me in my next trip. If the centre could give me some spare nitrogen then even better. What thermal imaging camera did you used? thanks for sharing that cheers David
  23. its really not that much difference with passive system. i could pull partial vacuum the night before or even two days before. just before the dive or during the morning prep i plug in my hand pump with an analog gauge or a digital gauge. i prefer all mechanical. if fact i sometimes check if the vacuum is still there just before i jump in by unlatching the snaps or try pull out the port. of course if you have vacuum you will have resistance and usually can't be pull apart. simple physics. i am okay with electronics and i have both but if i were in a one month trip in the middle of nowhere i think the passive or mechanical system offers me less trouble or risk. each to their own and as long as it works and let one concentrate on the shot rather than having constantly worry about the vacuum. bring spare batteries.
  24. Many thanks John E for your very erudite history lesson. The passive partial vacuum system you introduced in Gates housing has never in many years of using it given me a single problem. Nor many of my clients. The valve is also one of the most durable. Took this vacuum system idea long enough to become mainstream. Now with blinking lights, vacuum monitoring and special inflation is really just a distraction and unnecessary in my opinion. Still it is no harm. More choice more confusion when choosing which to go for. I would chose one that is simple, no electronics to fail or battery going flat. Just use it and forget it. Cheers
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