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  1. I'd like to try some split shots with my Aquatica dome port and a Nikkor 10.5 mm lens in California water. Has anyone tried using neutral density filters with this lens? Seems that I could cut a half square piece of filter and place it on the back of the lens (since the putting a filter on the front of this lens seems even more difficult). Any tips? If I do try this, what density should I try? a 0.5? Or, should I not bother with a filter at all? Thanks, jim
  2. Hi, I downloaded pplensor and installed it into my PS - plugins folder inside its own folder, just as suggested in this forum. Yet, I can't find the filter at the bottom (or anywhere!) in the filters menu. Is it possible that this plug in does not work on a Mac? Is anyone else using this on a Mac with PS CS? Thanks, Jim
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for all of your help. As some of you mentioned, my two port are wired so that one has ttl and the other has only manual. I tried my dual sync cord on both and neither would give ttl. On the port that allows ttl, I did see some corrosion on the pins. So, I cleaned the pins with contact cleaner, and tested the two smaller pins to make sure that they spring up and down when pressed with a tooth pic. I called Aquatica and discussed all of this with them and they said if the pins are now clean and do move up and down, then there is probably some corrosion inside the port that is disrupting the ttl signal. I've already made some dives on this housing since buying it used and I can shoot fine with manual, so that is probably what I'll continue to do (at least until I find a period of time when I wont be diving so that I can send it in for repair. One other thing I can try is to test continuity with each of the five pins with the connectors on my hot shoe. Likely, one or two of the connectors wont have continuity. I did look through my Fuji S2 menus and did not see anything that controlled ttl, so that does not seem to be the issue. So - for now, manual it is! Thanks again for your replys. Jim
  4. Hello, I'm aware of the discussion about ttl not being necessary with digital photography. However, I'd like to know how it works and could use some help. When I hook up my Nikonos 105 stobes to my Aquatica housing and then take a picture with my Fuji S2, my strobes fire and then the lights on the stobes blink, signaling that the strobes fired full power. So, it seems that ttl is not working. I hooked the same cable and stobes up to my Nikonos V, and the stobes fire and the lights do not blink, signaling successful ttl. Will all of the equipment above provide ttl support? I have tried setting my camera up as manual, A, S and P, but with the same results. I have checked connectors to see if they are clean, adn they are. I've used different cables, too. Any suggestions to get my setup to work with TTL? Thanks, Jim
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