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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback- I did not realise there was a separate forum for video and editing. Having considered all I have read on this site I think I will be going HD. I won't be making the purchase until later in the year and once I get established with the cam under water, I hope to develop and sell my script concepts via a media company I am in the process of setting up and to supplement the stills photography and writing I am already involved in.
  2. I would agree with the above comments in principle. I decided to go digital last year and choose the 8000G. It produced a much better and versatile picture than my previous MM11EX, and over the last year has re-0pened my interest and determination to produce better pictures. After a year with the 8000G I would say that by adding a wide angle lens, the pics are great but in macro mode I am not so impressed- the MM11 at f22 produces much better images. I use the Sea & Sea 90 auto with my 8000G, not bad but i'm thinking of adding a second strobe this year, and looking into a DSLR and housing that will also work with the arms and stobes I already have. I did write a comprehensive article on getting started with the DX8000G. I think it was added to this site. If not, e mail me at stephen_g_parry@hotmail.com and i'll send you a copy by return.
  3. I would to be able to make underwater digital films. However, I do not own a camcorder and am considering my first purchase. My thoughts are that I need a camcorder that writes images to a memory for later down loading and editing on a PC before burning a DVD. Can anyone suggest a good mid-range camcorder, housing, lighting, lens configuration and PC software ? I don't want to purchase basic entry-level kit, more mid-range quality. The equipment will be used in UK and tropical waters to a maximum depth of 50-60 metres. Also, any links to editorial/ kit reviews that would be of benefit to a newbie such as myself would be welcome, along with any recommended books on the subject. Thanks Steve Parry
  4. I often wonder about copyright law. Can anyone either explain the basic ground rules or direct me to a website that would do the same ? I am based in the UK so copyright based on UK/EU law would be preferable, but as we are all on the net, I suppose our pictures could end up being used without authorisation anywhere in the world. Would you then have to bring action in the country where the defendant is based or in your own country ? Steve Parry
  5. Yup, The PC software that came with the HP 8250 printer allows me to open TIFF's from the 8000G then re-save as a tiff. I can the open the re-saved TIFF in Photoshop CS. Regards Steve Parry
  6. Harry, Thanks for the advice. Coincidentally I bought a Hewlett Packard Photosmart 8250 printer 2 weeks ago. I have not checked out all the features but I know it can open the 8000G TIFFS. I'll try usung this programme and saving before re-opening in photoshop. BTW i'm just completing an objective review of the 8000G for the camera report section of the British Sub Aqua Club's Travel Club website. Last weekend saw the third trip representing different diving conditions to provide the final raw material for the report so just a little more writing and additions to the photo gallery and the report should be on line soon. Regards Steve Parry
  7. Hi, I bought a 8000G a few months back and have been evaluating in UK and tropical blue water. I have been editing/ manipulating my pictures in photshop CS. I decided that as I have fitted a 1GB SD card maybe I should use the camera on it's best resolution setting of NC 3264. This poduces TIFF files of about 15mb and on macro work, I can see a definite improvement in quality over the next lower setting of F 3264 (jpg). I'm not sure if there a variants of TIFF file formats ? Photo Shop would appear to support TIFF files but not these particular TIFF files ! A phone call to Sea & Sea UK confirmed Photo Shop CS does not open them but they did not know any decent manipulation software that could..... I'm no IT expert but the setting below NC 3264 is F 3264 and produces jpg files averaging 2.5 mb. So is this TIFF file format really a uncompressed jpg and some sort of comprimise ? Has anyone else had this problem and discovered a fix ? I would like software that could manipulate the image and also provide a spot tool and a means of adding text to images. Steve Parry
  8. Hi, I recently bought a Sea & Sea 8000G and YS-90 external strobe. The external stobe is fired by a fibre optic link which senses the camera's internal flash. The camera flash is set to 'flash on every shot' mode. There is a difuser within the housing that cranks up in front of the internal flash but it's not the perfect solution. The fibre optic link plugs into a recepticle on top of the housing over the internal flash. A piece of black adhesive velcro has been placed directly in front of the internal flash but on the OUTSIDE of the housing. This prevents the issue of backscatter caused by the internal flash and the internal flash also goes upwards by reflection inside the housing and fires the fibre optic cable which in turn, triggers the strobe. In addition, there is a sensor on the strobe that determines the strobe intensity required to illuminate the subject so it's important to angle the strobe correctly. The results, even in green water, are quite impresive. Make sure any strobe you buy can handle cameras that pre-flash (set your camera off in a dark room facing a miror if you are not sure). Some stobes relying on optical fibre pick up can get very confused by pre-flash. Hope this helps Steve
  9. Oh, And I forgot- on our last trip we found a bathy pelagic in the shallows (just dead) This was a Cohen's Rat tail and normally found down at 800 or so metres. Photo confirmed and authenticated by Smithsonian Institute. So, I'd be suprised if you did not see something new ! Steve
  10. Hi, My wife and I have dived in and around Manado a few times during 2004 and 2005. There is something for everyone in terms of dive sites and photography oppurunities. I think the best thing to do is research the various areas and sites so you know where you should be going before you arrive, rather than the dive centre deciding what's best for you ( they are not all like that, but a few individual guides we encountered thought they were going to have a routine daywith some 'tourist divers' just off the house reef - here is a link to some of the more reccent articles I have written on the area http://www.bsactravelclub.co.uk/where/indonesia.htm Enjoy, Steve Parry BS-AC Travel Club Correspondent/ South & East Asia
  11. I would just like to introduce myself and say hello to you all. I have only played at U/W photography to-date, but would like to learn more about the subject and improve my own skills at U/W photography. Having read some of the editorials and write-ups on this site, I suspect I have found the right forum ! I have been using a Sea & Sea MM2EX, TTL Strobe, WA and 3T macro for about 3 years. I've decided i'm going digital this year. After much researching, I have decided to go for the Sea & Sea 8000G with stobe and WA. I have never tried a digital camera underwater and only have rudimentery experience of using a basic digital land camera. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who reccently went on the learning curve from film to digital and what valuable lessons were learned on the early dives. I would also like to hear from anyone who uses a 8000G and what thier experiences are to-date with this camera. I appreciate the 8000G is relatively new which is possibly why I can't find much impartial editorial on this product. I'm based in the UK and will probably test my new camera at an in-land site to get the feel for it before going out to the Maldives at Easter. Then it's back to the Farne Islands to hopefully get some good pics of the seals. Steve Parry BS-AC FCD BS-AC Eastern Region Coaching Team/ Area Coach- Bedfordshire BS-AC Travel Club East and South Asia Correspondant
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