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  1. Selling my Sony RX100V and Nauticam housing because I recently upgraded to a mirrorless setup. Used on about 60 dives. Sony leather case, 3 camera batteries and charger, and Nauticam LCD magnifier also included. All in good working condition with some minor scratches. $1350 with free shipping in the US. 


  2. On 1/14/2020 at 9:05 PM, temas said:

    So for now I am confused if I should buy a new J version and save some money or switch completely to Inon z330 (my wife using them and they work like a charm, they a more powerful (with my cause an overexposure in the shallows +  large f-stop conditions ).

    I have the YSD2Js. Sea & Sea replaced my original set for the Js after they failed and I don't think I'm fairing any better. They seem to work for me for a handful of dives then just stop firing the rest of the trip. On my most recent trip to the Philippines 1 lasted 5 dives (I was shooting macro with only 1) and when I went to swap it out for my other one I couldn't get it to fire at all. I'm personally not very happy with the YSD2Js. They're not very reliable. I've had issues on every trip I've taken them on that I've done more than about 5 dives on. 

  3. I'm looking to do some blackwater diving for my birthday in late June. Is the blackwater diving better in Kona or Florida? I'm based in California so flight wise they're pretty much the same distance from me. I'd also appreciate some recommendations on dive operations too if people have had positive or negative experiences. Thank you.

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