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  1. Hello, Our CP5000 seems to have developed a problem, especially underwater. We can take a few shots with it in its Ikelite housing, and then the screen goes blank immediately. Sometimes if you depress the shutter, it will come back on, sometimes not. Sometimes if you turn it off and then on it comes back on, sometimes not. I've tried a different battery, and several different CF cards, including Sandisk and Lexar with no apparent change. Sometimes, but not too often, it will also do this on land outside the housing. The camera has never gotten wet. It has firmware version 1.6. I know there's a 1.7 out, but it doesn't say anything about fixing a problem like this. It almost seems like its having trouble writing to the CF card. Has anybody seen a problem like this. Its still under warranty, so we're sending it to Nikon for repair. But this is invconvient since Teresa uses it to sell CDs to her students. The water is fairly warm here in Kauai, so it isn't being exposed to cold temps either. Thanks, David
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