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  1. Hey Spencer, Are you located in the UK? Would you be willing to ship to Germany and what would be the expected shipping costs? Can you post any Pictures of the port? Cheers Daniel
  2. This is probably the smallest item of them all you want to sell and you might not want to split them out of the package, but I'd be interested in the clamps. To make matters a bit sweeter for you, I also live close to (and work in) Hamburg ;-). So if you don't find another buyer, give me a nudge.
  3. Thought I'd bumb this as I'm still looking. Maybe somone is willing to sell any of those items.
  4. This made me laugh so hard my colleagues where looking strangely at me .
  5. Hey Flo, Welcome :-). What part of germany are you from?
  6. First of all: I'm fairly new to UW photography, so take everyhting I said with skepticism. Well I don't want to discurage you, but as my collegues said I'd usually not suggest taking a camera under water before you don't have to think about buoyancy anymore but it just works for you. In my experience this usually takes at least 50 - 70 dives depending on how well the person handles his / her equipment, how quick a learner a diver is and especially how often he / she is in the water per month (70 dives in 10 year is a whole other story then 70 in one year). That said regarding the cameras you have, it HIGHLY depends on What you want to photograph What results you expect How intuitive you want the housing and the setup And above all: How much money you want tho shove into the rig If you have a shitload of money, want to do high quality UW photography and don't care about transportability. Then I'd recommend a Nauticam NA-D750 with your Full Frame Nikon D750. Depending on whether you want to do wide angle or makro a matching port (e.g. Nikkor 105mm VR MIKRO Lense with Nauticam Poart 87 for Marko). And a set of strobes that suit you need (e.g. Sea & Sea YS-02). That setup would get you almost anywhere. BUT: It will cost you (new) in the range of 10.000€! That said there a a lot of areas where you can save money (buy used! Be patient till your equipment is available used somewhere. Keep an eye on the classifieds here). Especially if your expectations aren't to high you can start out with your Lumix lx5 and a small housing. Since you won't have to put to much money into that, you can go crazy later ;-). In my opinon: Do not save on the housing. That will frustrate you under water quickly. It is for example possible to make beautiful picture in shallow waters without a strobe. But with a crappy housing you might miss opportunies or even lose a whole dive because some setup of the camera is incorrect and the buttons are not available on the housing to change them. Regarding the lense, prime lenses are often easier to handle (no zooming around) and have better aperture values (which is very important under water.. always not enough light ;-)). Makro is easier for a beginner (or so I heard) and the ports are usually a lot cheaper (wide angle needs frickn epensive dome ports). Hope this helps a bit. The pros here propably have a few more and better tips Daniel
  7. Hey, If rperezalonso is interested in buying the housing wihtout the converter and you'd be willing to sell it seperately, I'd be interested in it. However I do live in Germany. So shipping and taxes might be an issue. Let me know. Cheers Daniel
  8. That alone is a pretty risky thing. The question is, if as you say he doesn't give much of a sh** about his equipment an photography, do you believe he'll treat you equipment with the necessary care and diligence? You can not assume he'll see the equipment with your eyes but instead just see it as a tool that he'll give back anyway. I'd be having problems even giving my gear to my diving buddy for one dive that I would accompany. Even though everyhting is insured and technically I can not loose any money if he breaks it. Just the feeling of handing over something I put so much energy into getting would make this dive a nightmare.
  9. You're usually not allowed to have Lithium Ion batteries inside of checked in luggage. You need to put them into the bring aboard luggage and they need to be packed in a way that they can not be short circuit. Which means they also usually need to be outside of the device they are used for (if possible) or the device needs to be protected from turning itself on by accident. Most airlines also limit the amount of extra batteries that you're allowed to bring aboard.
  10. I bought my Nauticam NA-D750 housing from Nigel Motyer last week. Even though I had a thousand requests and whises for the transaction, he was very patient with me . The housing came well packed and in excellent condition. Already took it under water and am very happy :-). I would buy from him again any time!
  11. Housing and ports have been found . Still looking for Nauticam Nikon VR 105mm Macro Lens Focus Gear (#19122)Limiting this to the EU because otherwise it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense financially. In the near future I might also be interested in: Nauticam UW Technics - TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon (#11031) The new UW Technics TTL Trigger for Nauticam housings is also acceptable 2x Nauticam universal fibre optic cable 2x Sea & Sea YS-D2 4x clamps ot attach my arms to the housing and the flash to the arms Nauticam 45° Viewfinder (#32203)
  12. Very beautiful. A comment if I may be so bold (I'm a total noob, so take what I'm saying as BS. I won't be offended ) At first I was kind of wondering. Something seemed to be off with the picture.. then I realized it was the fins of the model. In my very humble opinion they kind of break the effect, because she's wearing normal clothing but using fins.. my eyes found that very confusing. When I though further about it, wouldn't it be funny if she was wearing a mermaid costume underneath? That would make here half "Upper world" half "Under world". And the upper world part would do the littering .. Just a crazy though.
  13. The ScubaPro Nova Scotia 7.5 is (in my humble opinion) the best semi dry suit that you can get for money. If it fits right (which mine does) you'll stay completely dry in it. If it doesn't fit perfectly, you'll not really get wet, just a bit moist. Coldest dive I've done with it was last Feb. at -2°C outside and about 2°C - 4°C Water temperature. Mine did cost me about 530€ at the time. A buddy of mine got the same at sale for about 250€. Every now and then one pops up at eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/ScubaPro-Nova-Scotia-6mil-Wetsuit-Brand-New-Black-with-gray-accents-white-SP-Em/152581430533?hash=item23868fdd05:g:4BsAAOSw4A5YvllWhowever I'd not buy something like that used out of hygenic reasons. It has a fleece inside which might be hard to desinfect.
  14. Well the main reason why I will get an insurance for my equipment is acutally not necessarily the loss of money that comes with a flooding. It is much more the plus of safety you get while diving. If you're pretty deep and your moisture warning goes off, its much easier to stay "relaxed" if you know that all your costs are going to be covered, not matter in what state your camera reaches the surface. Starting to panic because you gear is litterally flooding in front of your eyes is the first step towards a possible diving accident. So for me this is primarily a safety issue.. not for the gear, but for myself.
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