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  1. I've decided to sell my trusty Canon Eos 1DS mk II housing. Its fitted with 2 Nik flash sockets, leak detector and was only just serviced in August 2013 when it was fitted with new seals, sync terminals, o rings, shutter lever spring and plugs. The service was very thorough and came to a total of £862. The housing hasn't been used much since that time so I can vouch with certainty that its in very good working order. Its never been flooded or dropped and is easy to operate. The super dome port has a couple of dings on the outside edges which are too wide to be in shot, there are also a few very very light marks here and there but these don't affect image quality at all. Please see pictures The housing was bought new from Seacam in 2006 for £5060 GBP (Housing £3160, Sports finder £990, Super dome £910). Its been well used in swimming pool and underwater studios and together with 2 other similar cameras its been responsible for all the pictures on my websites: http://www.zenaholloway.com http://www.urchinrock.com The 1DS camera delivers great quality pictures and the whole package is a terrific system and very dependable. The sports finder is second to none, see specs for it on the Seacam website http://www.seacam.com/en/products/viewfinders/s180 The super dome provides the best underwater optics I've ever come across and is suitable for a very wide range of lenses see the link below for more details. http://www.seacam.com/en/products/front-ports/dome-ports/superdome-sd I'm happy to sell the housing with or without the camera and also will consider selling just the housing on its own without the port or sports view finder. My reason for the sale is just that recent circumstances have required me to update the camera but otherwise I would have been very happy to continue using it. Please email me at zena@zenaholloway.com for further info or to make an offer. thank you Zena Holloway
  2. Thank you. This item has now sold. Regards, Zena
  3. I bought this housing about 10 years ago, new from Aquatica, I think for around £6000+. At the time I believe it was only 1 of 50 made and its been with me on many successful commercial shoots. In 2005 I had it modified to accept a leaf digital back and it can also accommodate large format Polaroid backs which are very useful for tricky lighting set ups. The frames it captures are truly spectacular in size with great optics although its size means that its better suited for photographers able to set up their shots and take their time as the nature of medium format is more fiddly and slower than smaller formats. The housing comes with both dome and flat ports. My reason for selling is that its been sitting, unused, in a box for the last few years and I’m having a clear out so its got to go. Housings like these are very cool but probably only suitable to a handful of hard core underwater photographers so if you’re interested please get in touch and make me an offer. The housing is available to view in SW London for interested parties. Separately I also have the Mamiya RZ67 IID body, motorized winder II, roll film holder, Polaroid back and a beautiful 37mm f4.5 fisheye lens for sale that could be part of the package if required. Email me at zena@zenaholloway.com
  4. Hey Alex How lovely to hear from you, I hope you're away enjoying yourself somewhere nice and hot with a bit of clear water. I'm not in a hurry to sell and can wait for you to get back in October. I've got 2 midi's to find new homes for. They're in good shape but have been quite well used. I haven't had too many problems with them (but perhaps I don't sling them around as much as you do :-)) They produce a wonderful light and I'm sorry to have to move them on. Get in touch again when you're home. Best Zena
  5. Thank you sir for the warm welcome. Zena 'H' Thats fabulous news that she's doing well - please say 'hi' - Zena
  6. 1 x alpha 1 x gamma 1 x mini with all the trimmings some midis 2 x mega colours Please enquire for images and further details. I am looking to sell all over the next few weeks. - Zena
  7. 2 Subtronic Mega strobes for sale. Bought new Jan 2005. They've been well looked after and are in very good condition. No TTL function available but produce a fabulous light. Recycle times are very good. Can sell strobes individually or together. West London. £1200 ono each (including VAT). Zena Holloway
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