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  1. I have a Nikon D850 with a Sea and Sea housing. I love this camera and mainly do super macro. I recently purchased a wide angle converter lens from Kraken so I can shoot some video or take pictures of larger things, should I encounter them. Like a turtle or shark or something. In order to take video, you have to flip the live switch to video mode and press the live view button. For whatever reason, I can't get the switch to align. So I set the switch to video mode and close the camera housing, while trying to align the switch. I press the live view button and nothing happens. So something isn't aligning correctly. These are the only two controls which don't work. The housing is closed and sealed properly. I even have a sentinel vacuum, so I know I'm getting a good seal and alignment. All the left buttons and the navigation buttons work fine. Has anyone else had this problem with a Sea & Sea housing?
  2. I dove again tonight. Water temp 77, vis 15-20 ft.
  3. Those are very sad statistics in the closing seconds
  4. I received a suspicious message, similar to others from identified scammers.
  5. It looks like you got some good diving in. Where did you find the FF?
  6. Thanks! Send me a message when you come, and I'll try and join you for a dive.
  7. I just switched a 45 degree viewfinder and used it for the first time on a night dive last weekend. For me, it was difficult finding the viewfinder. The 45 degree viewfinder has a smaller viewing angle. If I wasn't staring at it just right, I couldn't see light coming from it. I missed out on several pictures because I just couldn't find the viewfinder, then couldn't find the subject (because it moved). With more practice, I'm sure I'll develop muscle memory and find it faster. I would have been happy to have a very low light emitting glow ring which could be put around the viewfinder. When I could find it, it was awesome. I was able to get lower with the camera, and the larger image made it easier to locate and find the critters. I just posted a few pics from the other night in the other sub.
  8. Here are a few photos I took on a recent night dive. Nikon D850, Sea&Sea MDX-850, Sea&Sea YS-01 Solis strobes, 105mm lens, +10 Subsee diopter.
  9. I love my BPW. My first rig was an Apeks back inflate. After moving to BPW, the freedom to get rid of all the clutter was liberating. I can also reconfigure it however I like. For example, I decided to try diving my pony bottle back mounted, so I added a additional D-ring for the regulator on my right shoulder strap.
  10. trybedoor tried luring me into an item for sale by another user. Luckily, I already bought what I was looking for. Since trybedoor is banned, I can't find the message pointing me to the (scammer?) listing. It was for a 45 degree viewfinder, so proceed cautiously.
  11. I appreciate your response. I've been trying to line up a BW dive with a dive buddy, and it just hasn't panned out. I tend to charter out of Jupiter more than WPB and make my way down to FE or PV mainly for BHB night diving. Where can I see more photos of yours?
  12. @Phil Rudin, I see you're near BHB. Are you doing your BW dives with PV? If not, who do you go out with most often? Doing a BW dive is on my bucket list, and I've been wanting to book one with PV for some time. I used to shoot a Nikon D300 which is a crop sensor and understand that the 60mm is the lens to use with this camera. I appreciate your post because I now have a Nikon D850 which is FF. Before reading your post, I thought I still needed to use the 60mm lens, but now I understand that I'd really want to use my 105mm. It makes sense (crop vs FF), and I would also benefit from the 850's faster focus, making the 105mm usable. The 105mm AF on the D300 was painfully slow.
  13. Are the DSLR lenses backwards compatible with the mirrorless camera bodies?
  14. I am no longer looking for a viewfinder, I purchased one from Eyematey.
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