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  1. I am selling the following older gear. They are used and they are old, but the price is right and they are working fine Strobes Ikelite DS 125 (no charger and battery clamp is broken. Needs to be serviced by ikelite) - $ 50 Ikelite DS 125 (Charger) - $ 160 Ikelite DS200 (orange older) - $ 170 Titan Light& Motion Housing - $ 150 L&M Gear for 60mm $50 Subal FP-120/4 Flat port - $120 L&M Subal Port adapter ~80 Subal Flat port with Gear focus (nikkor 60mm) - $250 Sea & Sea extension ring for ports ~120 Light & Motion Dome port ~450 Light and Motion extension ring 1 ~$50 Light and Motion extension ring 1 ~$70 Free ground Shipping in Continental US. Pictures available at request
  2. Selling: Sea & Sea DX D200 housing. Used but in perfect working condition Flat and Mini Dome Port Gear for Nikon 60mm macro Nikon D200, battery and charger Sea and Sea TTL converter (not in picture) The kit is perfectly functional but it is used. Everything you see in the picture $1900 (obo) and free shipping in the continental US
  3. I am selling my L&M Titan D100. I bought it used and added a few dives. I have had no dives since I received it back from Servicing The package includes 1. L&M Titan D100 case (cosmetic damage) but perfectly usable 2. Ports a. Subal 105 mm flat b. Subal 60mm flat c. L&M to subal conversion ring d. L&M 8†Dome port slightly scuffed but perfectly usable e. L&M Titan D100 extension Ring 1 f. L&M Titan D100 extension Ring 2 g. L&M rechargeable spotting light with rapid recharge I am attaching pictures. I you need more please feel free to ask $2900 OBO g
  4. El Bajo, ascending into the wide blue....one of my favourite dives this year. I also wanted to add a bizzare find... (happy.jpg)
  5. Grand Occidental... Before I left they said that they will have it up by the end of the month and seeing them work, well most likely even before that g
  6. I just came back from cozumel I am kind of winded I had an uninvited guest drop by, her name was emily She was furious, and she blew a gasket Thought I share some pictures
  7. If LJ passes I am interested (gorgi@msn.com) g
  8. If you are in Wetpixel you are an aspiring or accomplished photographer... At the same time you are probably spending a good percentage of your paycheck buying camera stuff. I would assume that very picture in the book will have a subtitle with the subject title, the photographer... and...the camera, strobes, housing etc.... hmmmmm Would any of our sponsors like to chip in... ?
  9. I have scoured the web to find BBC's Deep blue availiable for Zone 1 DVD, Has it been released for the states ? Am I missing something ?
  10. I need some help with guide number math. :oops: in the following setup: Nikon D100 Min ISO 200 Ikelite 200 GN 38 Ikelte DS-125 GN 32 I understand the following Since ISO is 200 I have to mulitply the GN * 1.4 Ikelite 200 *GN 53 Ikelte DS-125 *GN 45 Where I am lost is what happens when the two strobes are on together Is it something like ((53+45)/2)*1.4 =68
  11. I am looking for tips on wide angle photography in general but also... I am using two strobes Ikelite DS-125 and 200 which works great for macro. I would love some tips on how to use them (or not) for wide angle photos
  12. Any ideas about coolpix 5000 white balance settings g
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