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  1. Hello Wet Pixel members, I thinking about trying my hand at HDR editing, but I'm a bit confused about which tool should I use. The majority of programs (of high quality of course) are expensive, so I don't want just waste my money. I'm torn between Aurora HDR and Photomatix. Which one would you recommend and why? Are there any tables, articles or any other resources comparing the features of these two editors? Thanks in advance!
  2. The shot is interesting. Though this fish is rarely taken in profile I love this one.
  3. I do agree with Triggerfish, the 2nd pic is a masterpiece
  4. Cool photo! Rotate it a bit and the image will look better.
  5. I started with Photoshop too but appeared to be a bit difficult to use. So I looked for an alternative and came across Luminar https://macphun.com/luminar. Since you already have LR you can use this photo editor as a plugin. From time to time they have special offers, but you can download a free trial to get an idea how it works.
  6. I also use "27 iMac and absolutely happy with it.
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