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  1. Instragram is definitely a great tool for sharing underwater photography. There are lots of feature accounts with tens of thousands of followers that give credit and like others said way larger user base. I only recently got flickr. @The.porpoise.of.life
  2. Hello, I have some extra cash to complete my setup and im looking to do so. I am looking to buy a used ikelite ds160, ds161, or ds51 strobe and dual sync cable (for ikelite housing and strobes) in good condition. Also interested in Tonika, 10-18mm, UCLA clamps and arms. Please let me know if you have any of these items and how much you are asking. Thanks and happy diving
  3. Hello, I would be interested in a couple things (1x ds161 strobe, tonika 10-17, ikelite dual sync cable, possibily the 100mm lens and port) in here if you decide to part it out. Thanks
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