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  1. Hi Mark thanks for measuring it for me , makes perfect sense i can check see if this tray will fit now much appreciated vinny
  2. hi thanks for your replies cheers jack, i think there is more than four holes thou , but i am not sure frisco ,i already have a tray just need to know if it will fit , thanks for the help just to clarify i have the housing already ( but i have left it abroad) i have bought an ikelte camera tray ( i think the standard double handled DSLR tray) so if someone has one of these housings ( and can measure it ) or knows that this housing and tray will work let me know cheers vinny
  3. hi can anybody let me know the measurements of the tray attachment screws on the base of this housing please? i would like to know the total distance from one screw hole to the other end and also the distance between the screw holes just want to check if a certain tray will fit the housing and cant find the info i need online anywhere thanks in advance vinny
  4. Hi this one is online http://www.unterwasserkamera.at/shop/catalog/ dont know if its what your looking for
  5. yes i just noticed that mike , there is an add on flash but then its not small plus u cant use the flash/viewfinder together or hotshoe/viewfinder
  6. Interesting Ikelite will prob do a housing but there are no underwater scene settings so i doubt Olympus will be doing a housing they usually put the wide angle and macro underwater settings if a housing is in the pipeline i hope i am wrong i was looking at getting the E620 but might hangon just a while to see
  7. check out the classified section if anybody is interested in some olympus gear/ports vinny
  8. I have just put up an Olympus PT-E05 Housing and ports onto Ebay Also an INON D2000 Strobe The housing which has just come back from a total overhaul from Olympus UK has a 6 month warranty on all parts from 19/05/09 Olympus PT-E05 Housing on Ebay Inon D2000 on Ebay Check out my other items for Ports and other bits for sale cheers for looking vinny View pics taken using this housing/camera here
  9. One thing about warranties in the Uk/Eu you get 2 years. which is something to think about
  10. Hi ra1969mon you use auto focus with this lens underwater as far as i know you can use all the range using a zoom gear ( which i think comes with the port ) i am sure phil will give you alternatives to use aswell vinny
  11. Hi grayscale thanks for the reply but you totally lost me there! i want to put pictures up on a website , to view in a gallery not for downlaoding just browsing so do you mean it doesn't matter what Dpi i use? cheers vinny
  12. Hi i am trying to organise a website and put some pictures in a gallery , i know they have to be pretty small i have looked thru a lot of topics and i am still unsure what is the best option on size and how best to save them so this is how i tried i started with files (Jpegs)from 3.5 Megs - 8 Megs 3648-2736 pixel dimensions 240 Dpi i used a watermark programme to add a watermark then saved them Jpegs of 350 Kbs-700kbs 3648-2736 pix dimensions 96 Dpi they still seemed to big , when uploading to the website, so i opened the 700 kbs files with CS3 and tried to save for Web and Devices route and it says 'the image exceeds the size Save for Web was designed for' so i opened them in lightroom and now have saved them down to about 250 kbs 3648-2736 pix dimensions 240 Dpi i know this is a long way round and would like help with the best way to go about this and which settings are best for a website ie the size in Kbs , the pix dimensions and the Dpi i can save the images with the photowatermark prog differently , image size in % or different dimensions , but the watermark goes wrong so for the web would it be better to have smaller pix dimensions and higher Dpi ? any help would be much appreciated yours vinny
  13. cheers phil i have the port for the 11-22 / 14-54 and l like what the 11-22mm gives you its just the size of the port , rather large , i was just thinking about the athena 100mm port for travelling but it doesn't fit the 11-22mm which is a shame i know the 9-18 mm fits the 100mm dome but its a standard lens and the 11-22mm is a bit better i want to go forwards not back really for travelling i only want to take 2 lenses and 2 ports really , 50mm + 1.4 TC + inon macro lens/inon port and w/a lens and port cheers for the help
  14. Hi Do athena make a dome suitable for the 11-22mm lens? vinny
  15. Reading this brought back memories of my trip to Misool this March and my first magical snorkel in the bay and it sounds much like yours , amazing what you see in this shallow lagoon. The baby black tips were mesmorising and the shoals of Bumpheads playing away. Seven Pygmy's on one fan and two meters below a couple of Denise Pygmy's just round the corner on the house reef. i could go on but thanks for bringing the memory back cheers
  16. Hi another simple tip somebody gave me is to turn the camera upside down so the internal flash lights up the bottom of your pics and so the reef or the critter that your taking not the big blue bit have fun vinny
  17. The photos are amazing but it must have been surreal watching all this happening in front of you
  18. A few asian sites have them for sale http://www.uwdigitalcamera.com/goods_detail.php?goodsIdx=287 http://www.enzomarine.com/catalog/product_...roducts_id=1127 and a post by someone on digital diver states his wife has some and likes them they are out there !
  19. stunning shots walea looks a beautiful place
  20. Hi i live in the UK and aqualung do not sell this item to the Uk this is a mini SPG with a compass on the back , so very compact if any one knows of anywhere i can purchase this item please let me know thanks vinny
  21. that solves a mystery for me the pressure valve , i wondered what it was
  22. Hi i went on holiday to indonesia and decided to learn to dive so i passed my open water and thought i might aswell do my advanced o/w whilst i was there for one of my dives i took a photography course and it had to be the most stressful dive i have ever done mainly due to me trying to keep up with sharks to get a picture anyways i got this pic and was totally addicted i had two new hobbies to learn from that one week , diving and photography
  23. I received the housing and they have made a few changes from the PTE-03 the latches have gone it now has one twist lock to close housing door , that the likes of Fuji use the flash bulge problem seems to be sorted out with a different shaped housing the control buttons are plastic not metal and are labelled the tray has a lock and a couple of nifty storage areas for eyecup and hotshoe cover the handstrap is improved same TTL connections and accesory mount i haven't tried it out yet but it feels better made and i think easier to use buttons ( will not corrode either) i don't know if they are going to sell the optical connection plugs or we will have to put a hole in the blanking plugs that came with housing to use the optical cable ( an easy job ) at least it is easy to use a focusing light with the optical cable lugs , the accesory mount is free
  24. Your passport must be valid for at least Six months from date of entry aswell also remember to keep 100,000 Rupiah to pay airport tax when leaving a few people forget this one , me incuded
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