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  1. Description Highly regarded system.Always insured, maintained and never flooded.It includes almost everything you need to start shooting - the system is capable of taking professional video. $2,500+SH USA Only (I'm in Providence) Please feel free to ask any questions. Condition The housing and camera are in excellent condition (I mean it).All the equipment has the normal wear and tear nothing significant. Please do not hesitate to ask for extra photos. •Housing with Dome port 80o (mic support, external monitor connection, air pressure check valve) •Halcyon Apollo 13 dual video light HID 18 Watt (missing the Y connector, extra battery, charger) •Sony HVR-V1U Camcorder HD (extra battery, charger, remote control) I have some arm sections that will threw in the package...no clamps Some videos with the system! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBxE6wn7wS2F_MGJX8P-NA/videos
  2. Hi Jim, I had a similar problem with my YS300...checkout this place has all the parts you might need including the charger...all the stuff they sell is of very good quality...no more buying $300 battery packs... http://www.all-battery.com/ They also can manufacture any packs...with a sample or from their standard stock...they even sell Batteries for Canister...I have bought my VR3 batteries here an others...talk to them if you do not know what part numbers you need although the numbers are usually on the cells of the sea&sea pack. Ed
  3. Hi Spencer - I still have the setup have not been able to use it because I do not have the port.
  4. It sounds like you need a trip to Wal-mart http://www.walmart.com/ip/Blue-Wave-Products-Water-Log-Noodle-Toy-Pack-of-20/19240317
  5. Hi, Many had asked the absolute best price...$2,600 + SH..consider that the viewfinder alone is 1k
  6. Hi All, we have to find a good home for this setup before Xmas. Lowering the price $3,000obo
  7. Hi, For sale this almost new used only on the surface housing. The kit includes the main body with one Nikonos port, GS Finder, Gears for Canon 16-35 (Type I / II), extension Ring 70 and 40. This sale is for US only no docks, Apo etc etc...I will accept PayPal but it has to be a verified user and I will hold to the shipment until the payment has cleared on my side (5 Biz days). I'm located in RI so local pick-up is an option. Asking $3,300 Thanks All - Happy holidays.
  8. Thanks...for the link. The only owner in the post is from Italy. Hopefully, someone close home can share their most recent experience.
  9. Hi All, I'm seriously considering buying the Leo II. Thing is, I cannot find much feedback from the community (web). Does someone own it and could please share their experiences? I really like the prospect of not having to buy a housing every time Canon releases a new camera (I’m stuck with three Aquatica housings so far). Why will someone not be only considering this housing? if you'll be saving thousands…just wondering…are the electronics one of the reasons?…or just service location and marketing (Italy). Thanks for any information you might have, Ed
  10. Hi - How much are you asking for just the housing?
  11. Hi, Will you take $900 for the housing?
  12. Some people have reported that you can accomodate a Canon 5D MK1 on this housing...I think is the plate that need to be changed...do you know anything about that?
  13. I think might have an almost brand new housing...have to go into my basement !
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