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  1. The port has sold Thanks Graeme
  2. Sorry, I dont know how to private message on this forum Regards Graeme
  3. Sorry, but will only do $4500 + postage. Postage to the US is approx $150 AUD insurance for $4500 is a further $176 AUD Graeme
  4. Hi, I am selling my Nauticam WACP - 1 (0.36 for 28mm full frame lens). It is in excellent (as new) condition. The price is $4500 AUD + postage Thanks Graeme
  5. the following Nikonos RS equipment is offered for sale. All prices are Australian Dollars. I am the original owner of all but 1 nikonos body and the 18mm lens (second owner of both of these items ). All items are in full working order. 3 x Nikonos RS bodies in good condition. Fully serviced in around 2013 with some of the last RS parts available. Used rarely since then. $600 each 1 x Nikonos RS 18mm lens in good condition. Very rare. $5000 1 x Nikonos RS 13mm lens in very good condition. Rare $3000 1 x Nikonos RS 20 to 35 mm zoom lens in good condition. $1000 2 x Nikonos RS 50 mm macro lens in good condition. $600 each 2 x Nikonos RS 28 mm lens in very good condition. $500 each 2 x Ultralight flip trays for Nikonos RS good condition $100 each 1 x Inon Z22 ring flash with diffuser, 2 x wet diopter, slave adaptor and sync cable (N5) $1000 Will sell separately or $10000 for the lot. Lens and bodies have minor cosmetic scratches on exterior but the optics on all lens are excellent with no scratches, fungus etc. and the cameras are fully functional. Contact me and I will send pictures of the cameras and lens.
  6. thanks for your help David, i will give him a try regards graeme
  7. Hi, Can anyone help with the name of a company that still services Nikonos RS cameras? My last service was at Sub Aquatic camera repairs in the US but they appear to have gone out of business any suggestions would be truely appreciated regards Graeme
  8. Greetings, I am chasing a Nikonos RS 20-35mm lens in very good to excellent conditon with no corrosion on the zoom control. Can any body help with a contact who might have one? thanks Graeme
  9. Dan, Thanks very much for you quick reply and information. I have been finding it wery hard to get information about housings for medium format cameras in Australia. I have been leaning towards the Rollei 6008AF but the problem is they are not supported in Australia. The other option is the hasselblad or Linhof but I really like the auto focus capabilities of the rollei. thanks again Graeme
  10. I am chasing a housing for a medium format camera. Does anyone know of a reputable manufacturer of high quality custom made underwater housings that are rated to 60m or 200 ft? I would appreciate any help in my search thanking you Graeme
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