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  1. Thanks Tim! I am learning the tricks of post production at the moment...I agree the worm does not add to the pic...was chuffed to get the moment of the jawfish spitting the eggs though... :-)
  2. For those that know me, you are aware that one of my favourite subjects is the Dusky Jawfish. It makes sense then that my first photo here is a Dusky Jawfish spitting his eggs... ..be gentle now people! ;-P
  3. Hi All I am Nick from London School of Diving and Dive Saint Lucia (LSD Scuba). I have been taking underwater pics for about 18 months now, guided by the late Nigel Wade and Henley Spiers, with advice from Dawn Shewan, Alex Khachadourian and Bruce Milani. Time, I feel, to get out there for some additional feedback and critique! Looking forward to being a part of the Wetpixel forum! Cheers Nick
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