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  1. Thanks James! That is what appeared in UwP 24, a flash taped. I am not sure but I think that is not the best way to make a "snoot". Do you use like that? My "idea" is something like this: http://www.honlphoto.com/servlet/the-6/spe...sh-nikon/Detail As you have said, they call snoot. I also have read that with a kind of honey comb, the light is concentrated too and you don't need a long tube to reduce the beam: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71265688@N00/...358068593/show/ The problem is that I do not know how to use/adapt it underwater and how it will work. A good example of the result of what I am looking for: http://www.fotonatura.org/galerias/fotos/142013/ A sandy area where you don't want a lot of light. Regards, Mikel
  2. Hello, I am thinking of putting something in my flash to reduce its beam to have more selective light. I have no found anything to put in it so I think this is a DIY proyect. Searching in wetpixel I have found little information about that. And just one article about that in UWPM, in the 24 issue. My idea is to adapt a piece of PVC to my flash: Any other ideas? Do you use or have ever used it? Pros and cons? Thanks a lot, Mikel Sorry for the English, it's my 3rd language
  3. Thanks for your replies Chris, what annoys me is that: And the lens I used was a Nikon 60mm. I am new with SLRs and this is my second week with one of them but I consider Nikon 60mm as a good lens, it is really fast and the quality of the images is quite high. Now I am start thinking it might have been a thermocline issue, as drsteve has said. Although I have seen other photos with the same problem, look at the 2nd photo of the link http://www.forobuceo.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=36291 Another photo more: And the cropping: Thanks a lot.
  4. Hello! Recently I've bought a D200 and in some photos I have found a strange background. The lens I used was a Nikon 60mm with a flat port specially desing for it by a Spanish manufacturer SAGA http://www.sagadive.com/tienda.php?cat=3#Anch2_68 This problem only appear when there is sand or sandy areas, and it is clearer as the focus is closer. This is the photo where the background is strange. f11 v1/125 And here, a cropping. f25 v1/125 f11 v1/125 In this 2 images, It can see the same problem but no so obvious. Do I have to avoid sandy areas when using this lens? Have any of you experienced the same problem? Do you know why it happens? Sorry for my English Thanks! BTW, I am really happy with my new camera Regards from Spain, Mikel www.photo.net/photos/Mikel
  5. Thanks to all for the comments! I think the main problem with compact cameras is not just the image quality but that you can't always take the photo you want. For example: in E900 there is a lot of delay between photos, the auto focus is not as fast as DSLR one and it is not as reliable, you can't change the curtain, when taking macro shots with attached lenses (which is essential to use them) the DOF is reduced to few mm, much less than with a DSLR, you can't take half/half shots, etc. I only can find one point in which compact cameras are superior, the size. And that makes you able to take photos in small places. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_of_Biscay Probably I have no chosen the most representative photos of the Bay of Biscay... I live in the Basque Country which is in the right part of the Bay and is a little bit hotter than the left part. Some species are similar here and in the Mediterranean, but they do not appear in the left part of the Bay. In any case, the underwater life here is quite different from the Mediterranean one and the water is colder. The Mola mola are no so common here but in some areas you can find them regularly. Don't ask in a diving center that you want to see them because they will not assure you to find them. For 2 months we have been seeing Mola mola almost all the dives but now it seems that they have gone. Ah! my dives are at the coast, I go with my equipment, a friend, my small camera, and that's all Mikel
  6. Hi Udo!! Yes, you are right, I'm the tall one!! To come here to dive is a little bit risky, you can find a really poor visibility or just not to be able to dive because of the bad weather. Even if you don't believe it, in july we had for more than a week no more than 2 metres of visibility in the same spot you were. In any case, we have had a really good august with a lot of Mola mola, fish and different species, for me the best dive in summer was when we saw sea-cucumbers spawning http://www.afotos.net/public/albunes/920/DSCF2781.jpg http://img300.imageshack.us/img300/4255/dscf2780fj4.jpg http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/8086/dscf2786tp1.jpg Sunfish in Harribolas are not during all the year, but if you go with a boat you might see them in other dive points. Most of the sunfish we normally saw were really fast, it was like to see sharks in Maldives or the South of the Red Sea, but some of them wanted to be cleaned, and thus the photos I took http://www.wetpixel.com/competition/index....try&id=1653 http://www.afotos.net/public/albunes/920/DSCF2746.jpg If you come here in spring, send me a message before. What you probably find is much poor visibility (5-10 if you are lucky), not sunny days but many nudibranchs, some really beautiful fish (like Labrus bimaculatus), and more vegetation. Here are some photos of my collegue, he takes better photos than me:D All of them taken this spring. http://www.forobuceo.com/phpBB2/viewtopic....&highlight= http://www.forobuceo.com/phpBB2/viewtopic....&highlight= Cheers. Yes, I agree. That is the solution!
  7. Hello loftus, thanks for your words, I explain a little bit... The camera is E900 with Ikelite housing (it's the unique for this model) and I use a D2000 flash in manual mode. Nothing more. Normally I shot in RAW so I have to wait 8 seconds between each shot. The colours are due to Fuji, I like them but I think some people might think are over-saturated. It's just a matter of taste. I do not do a lot of post-procesing. Just to adjust contrast and brightness in ACR. What annoys me more about the E900 is the "purple fringing", it is really obvious. There is a plug-in to reduce it but the process it is slow and I don't use it. You can see the purple in almost all the photos I've put in the post. Ah! To take the macros I use 1 or 2 macro lenses attached to the housing, normally with the closest diaphragm. In my case f8. I think it is because of that, that the "purple finge" appears. Sorry for my english I'd like to have a D200!
  8. I post a topic with some photos taken with the E900. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15263 Just as an example of E900.
  9. Thanks to all! Not yet. But if you want to see some more, I regularly upload photos to www.photo.net. My gallery is www.photo.net/photos/Mikel At this moment I do not have PS so I can't show new images. In any case, most of them are similar; macro shots. Not until now! . My languages are basque and spanish; english is just my 3rd language! BTW, Mikel is Michael in basque.
  10. Thanks Luiz! I have re-uploaded the photos. I hope now to be OK. BTW, your photos are fantastic!
  11. Hi! As I've won this week's POTW I think it's fair to present myself here in the forum I live in the north of Spain and here, in the Bay of Biscay, we don't have the best conditions for diving and underwater photography. Half of the year the visibility is reduced to a few meters and the water is quite cold (11 to 14ºC) but in this murky and cold waters we can find colourful animals different from others we find in more hot waters and personally, I really like diving here My equipment is pretty basic: a compact camera, E900 and a flash, D2000 which I use in manual mode. I also have 2 wet macro lenses. With this equipment and considering that where I dive there is not good visibility, 90% of my photos are macro shots. Here are some photos: P. pilicornis P. gattorugine Mola mola Serranus cabrilla Fabellina babai Janolus cristatus An octopus Sea urchin A different one Corynactis viridis I hope you like them!! Ahh! My name is Mikel
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