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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll give that a try. I suspect the lens is pretty clean because >95% of its use has been inside a housing.
  2. I've recently started to notice some AF hunting issues with my Nikon 105mm 2.8G. The AF still works but takes longer. I've had this lens a few years and was using on D7100 and now the D500. I use AF to get me close and then I rock for precision. Any suggestions of what could be wrong or what I should do? The lens has not experienced a drop or water damage. Thanks for your help.
  3. Up for sale is an Ikelite housing (model #6807.71) for a Nikon D7100. This housing was just received back from Ikelite and is in great working condition. In the past 6 months, I've had these parts replaced by Ikelite: bulkhead, hot shoe cable, TTL electronics, all 4 port locks, shutter trigger spring, and the main o-ring. I am the original owner and I've had it a little under 3 years. It was used sparingly for the first 1.5 years (vacations only) before I started diving more regularly the last year. I've always taken very good care of this housing. It's always soaked in fresh water (and buttons massaged) after any diving. All of the buttons and dials work properly and there aren't any that stick or have any other issues. I have not had the buttons and seals serviced by Ikelite. Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17Jz0lpSJNGsL1M0GvNKo1tpAMoRTPiI5 As you can see from the photos, there is some very minor wear on the handle grips but the quick release handle buttons work properly. There are a few scratches on the bottom of the handle tray but that's about it for wear and tear. Price: $750 (shipping and paypal fees not included) Note: I believe this housing will also fit the Nikon D7200, however, it may require hot shoe cable update for TTL to work properly. Included: Ikelite D7100 UW Housing (part 6801.71) w/ Dual Handle Tray Bulkhead Cover Manuals with some spare parts Not Included: lens port cover port camera body lens arms strobes sync cable
  4. This lens is in excellent condition. No signs of wear. Glass is clear and free of fungus. Comes with caps, box, and pouch (everything in the photo). Price: $300 (shipping & paypal not included). Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cN9qFW81F3IbIobnfIMnw-fye5OGxCcZ
  5. Ikelite Part #75340 - DL 8" Dome Port is available for $300. This is lightly used with no major scratches. The port thumbscrews do show some signs of rust but that's it (see photos). 1 x Dome port w/ shade 1 x Neoprene front cover 1 x Securing thumbscrews 1 x Box Top Product Features: An 8" diameter dome made of optical grade acrylic. Comparable quality to glass yet significantly lighter and easier to handle, especially at the surface of the water. Not compatible with external filters. This port can be attached directly to housings featuring the Dry Lock (DL) port system or combined with DL extensions. Shipping and Paypal fees are not included. Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MWyLbVvhb3gxCqV2kuLeRxRaO6A2dWz7
  6. I have a used Ikelite DS51 strobe available for $200. It was part of a setup that I purchased but don't need. Externally, the strobe is in decent shape. There is a crack in the battery door, although this can be replaced for about $10. It doesn't seem to affect the integrity of the door. Also, there was a battery leak in the internal compartment. I've cleaned it out the best I can, however, it's not perfectly clean. The internal part of the bulkhead is in good shape and doesn't show signs of corrosion. Includes: box, strobe, metal bulkhead cap, ball adapter, and diffuser. (sync cord not included) Shipping & Paypal fees not included. Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vWTH2qNJCMupjRh9t9VrDr7gK8d5Qe4h
  7. This dual flip adapter lets you have quick access to the Subsee +5 and +10. It fits the Ikelite Flat Port series (not modular and not mirrorless). Dual flip adapter is in excellent shape. No rust or other marks. $150 and I'll include USPS shipping & Paypal fees. Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WPe-svCJ1tiz8W1g4ZmduvuE4jSWUtRh
  8. I have some Ultra Light arm segments and clamps for sale. Arms: 1x 5" (DB-05) - Retails for $48 1x 8" (DB-08) - Retails for $48 Clamps: 3x 1" (AC-CS) - Retails for $30 each Take all 5 pieces for $100 and I'll include USPS Priority Shipping and cover the Paypal fees. Otherwise, $25 for the arm segments and $20 for clamps.
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