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  1. For sale: GoPro HERO7 Black, in mint condition, always used inside the underwater housing (which never had any water inside). No scratches on the body, screen or lens. Underwater housing (Super Suit) has normal signs of wear, front lens is mint with no scratches. Housing works perfectly and never had any water leakage. It is rated to 60m / 200ft. Also included are two batteries, a Sandisk 64GB MicroSD card, several mounts, and a very nice hardshell carrying case that fits everything. I'll also throw in a red flip filter from Backscatter which is quite scratched up. This doesn't show up in the footage. The filter has protected the front element of the housing very well, that's why the housing lens is in such good condition. Asking price: $160 and I'll cover shipping from Phoenix area + PayPal fees
  2. For sale: 2 x Ultralight DB-B08 float arms, lightly used, some minor wear. New price $112, selling for $80 and I'll cover shipping within the US.
  3. @John Doe II Thanks! Yes they were shot in C-log and graded in Premiere, not too heavily but obviously boosting contrast quite a bit and saturating specific colors a bit more...
  4. Here are a few more R5 sample videos, shot with the same settings as I had in the previous post. This time I used the EF 8-15mm fisheye lens. Depth this time was in the 55-60 ft range, sunny conditions.
  5. Just did my first dive with the R5 and thought I'd share some sample footage (youtube links below). It's nothing special, just a few different scenes to give you a feel for the image quality. I have the camera in a Nauticam housing with ZEN 230mm dome, using the RF 15-35mm. Settings on all these videos: 4K 30p, HQ mode (oversampled from 8K), ALL-I compression, Canon Log on. Files were edited in Premiere and exported in maximum render quality. Footage was shot on St. Eustatius in the Dutch Caribbean. All videos are shot at around 70 ft depth, conditions were not great: it was an overcast day, still early in the morning, so not a lot of light or colors available at that depth. No artificial light was used, just ambient light. I used a white slate to manually white balance the footage, which is a bit of a hassle on the R5. Taking into account these low-light conditions, I think the camera produced some fantastic video. I am sure though the footage will be much more vibrant in shallow water with more sunlight. Interested to hear what you think. Happy to upload more footage with different settings next week if anyone is interested.
  6. For sale: Olympus 8mm f1.8 Fisheye PRO lens. The glass is in mint condition, no scratches. There is some minor regular wear on the body. Lens caps included. $500 OBO, I'll cover PayPal fees, buyer covers shipping. The lens is located in Arizona.
  7. I have for sale an Olympus 8mm f1.8 Fisheye PRO lens, in mint condition, no scratches on the glass. Includes both caps. USD 650, includes shipping within the US
  8. Hi, I am very interested in these items! Are they still available?
  9. The sale didn't go through unfortunately, so all items except for the 12-100mm are still for sale. PM me or email at ruudstelten@gmail.com for pics and additional info.
  10. For Sale: two Big Blue VL10000P video lights. Powerful 10,000 lumen lights that have only been submerged 5 times, so they are like new. See pics below. Included are the cases, chargers, ball mounts, glove mounts, and yellow filters for each light. Price: USD 950 for both, including shipping within the US. If you're interested, send me an email at ruudstelten@gmail.com
  11. Several things are sold, but still available are the following: - Nauticam NA-EM1II housing, including vacuum valve and lanyard ($1,300) - EM1II body and flash ($900) - ZEN 170mm glass dome port ($600) I will include shipping within the US
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